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My DD eats more when we are eating with her....or I will put her food on my plate and give her pieces like that.  I think she likes the fact that it comes from my plate.  Little begger is what we call her.
Prefer a natural treatment course.....
I know really old post but did the acupuncture help with your thyroid? I am having trouble with mine and would prefe
We have gone on two car trips....12 hours we broke up in 6 hour days and an 8 hour trip last week. Most night driving. We stop in cities with a store like target and let lo play and push cart....which on a normal trip to the store is not encourged or a pet store is a great mini zoo for a young traveler. Some fast food places have play areas....if you could wipe down the whole play area . If you are not in a hurry you could plan a fun stop for your LO to blow off steam at a...
Thanks for sharing....I love to be around other positive mothers/fathers to watch some of their approaches to situations. It's fun!!
I did not grow up around moms who BF so when I decided to BF my little one I really didn't know what to expect I just knew I was determined! So when I claimed before I had my little one that I would BF for 6 months i didn't realize a few things....one 6 months came fast, two it just started to get really easy, three I loved to BF. So then I said I will BF for one year and here we are one year of BF and again I didn't realize how we are not even close to being done. So my...
What are some of your favorite ways of saying no without saying no? My friend and I were sharing our favs today and thought it would be great to hear other parents sayings. A few we shared: When LO messes with the trash 'trash stays in' I like to say 'not for baby/LO name' My friends brother uses red light green light in public
I have battled with keeping my area clean my whole life. I was the one with the locker in school crammed full of god knows what!! I have a new friend....cordless vacuum! She is awesome. I can't believe I lived without her for so long. It picks up the crackers and dust bunnies misc stuff found on floors even cleans up my rugs in a jiff you don't have to deal with a cord its kind of soothing too to run it and see how much stuff you swept up! So much better then a broom
Fun! My mom just recently did this for my daughter but she put the treasures in a box that she taped up and cut a flap so she could open and close it and grab the stuff out.
My LO nurses all night long when she is cutting a tooth and doesn't seem to get in a good deep sleep.  She only had a low grade fever with one of her top front teeth (which took fever to come in) when it just broke through the gum line.  We have seven teeth at 11 months and battling number eight. She is OK during the day if she is distracted.....a little more clingy/whiny and if she chews on something that hurts her gum she will let the whole world know! Her naps are...
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