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I also wanted to say - they are using ASL (both parents were fluent in ASL before having kids) and he is using some signs. At school they use images for choices as well as repetition. I know they do some of that at home but not sure how much.
Thanks so much for your responses - and sorry it took me so long to see them. Your responses were exactly what I was thinking but without any sort of expertise to back then up. It sounds like the therapist's POV is that hearing things in 2 different languages might be preventing him from actually understanding what language is. I.e. it's stopping him from connecting that the sounds they are making represent an object or a concept. They have used a private therapist also...
Hi Mamas! My 3.5 yo godson has Down Syndrome and is being raised in a bilingual household. The second language is very important to their family as they are deeply involved with cultural events and institutions in their native language. They use both languages at home, interchangeably. With my godson, they always use English first for simple commands ("no drop cup," "eat" etc.) but also say it again in the 2nd language. Their school speech therapist believes that they...
DS's classroom is nut free. At home, we have trail mix daily as a snack, and he loves it. I'm trying to think of a similar thing to pack for his school snack that doesn't contain nuts. Anyone do this or have any ideas? TIA!
I live just off Rte 2 and commute into Roxbury 4 days/week. My older DS is starting school in September, and I'm looking for PT childcare for my younger DS, age 2.5. He loves being with other kids and will be home with us 3 days/week. A home daycare somewhere on my commute would be ideal. We'd love somewhere warm, friendly, and with a more natural focus. If anyone has recommendations (either here or as a pm) I'd GREATLY appreciate it!
I made my own woven wrap out of gauze a couple summers ago. I think I used 5ft of it and just cut it in half along it's length so that it was not too wide. I hemmed the cut edge and the ends, though I'm not sure that you actually need to. I LOVED the gauze wrap for summer, but you have to wrap it pretty tight because of the stretch - I found it tended to sag after a while. It was certainly my favorite carrier until he got too heavy to be comfy in it!
This fed-up mama would love some advice!   My 2 DS (almost 4 and almost 2) have been sharing a bedroom since we stopped cosleeping with DS2 about 8 months ago. After the initial transition it has gone really well. Typically, DS2 would go to bed about a half hour before DS1 and be asleep by the time that we were done with DS1's nighttime routine (stories, prayers. lullabies.) DS1 would go to bed wihtout waking DS2 and go right to sleep. Magic.   Enter some...
Try The Marino Center for Integrative Health in Cambridge - all drs are supportive of intergrative medicine and there are holistic providers (acupuncture, massage, TCM, yoga etc. there.) The office still feels pretty "group-practicey" (not super warm and fuzzy) but I love that you get long appointments with the drs and they are very supportive of trying more natural options first.
Jumping in late, but - Little Hands Academy in Sudbury. We love it!
 Hi - new to the thread - starting homeschool preschool with DS (3). I love the colors of the day idea - how do y'all incorporate them into your day?
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