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Thank you for replying to this Dr. Sears.  We have changed her diet, and she takes a bath everyday in apple cider vinegar which clears up her external issues with the redness , ect.  My next step is setting up an appointment with a pediatrician so we can get her tested for allergies.
 Second by second, hour by hour, day by day, you will get through this.  I dont think you should let them take your baby though, i think you might regret that.  Baby might not remember this, but I think you will never forget it.
  My two year old daughter has had yeast issues since she was about 12 months old until now (at two years and four months).  It started out as 'thrush', I had it on my beasts, and she also had it as a nasty rash that i battled for months.  I have tried everything! (except for perscription yeast killers)  I know a naturopath that suggested I give her about a months worth of probiotics in a week.  After I did that it went away for about 3 months, but now its back.  Instead...
My daughter wore a light jacket or medium coat all year with jeans and a hat with rain boots ....double socked when it got cold.  Im from Idaho and the cold doesnt really compare. It only snowed one day this whole winter, which made me happy.
Ugh...im going to go live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere to get my kid away from this sh*t(I wish).  Its a horrible,putrid,disgusting culture we live in.  
Love it!
Inga Arts is amazing....I still have a strong relationship with her and my child is two.  It was my first child and I was nervous but she made me feel like I could do it.  She knows what shes doing, she very gentle and has an awesome vibe about her. I love that woman.  I think you should definitely meet with her...youll see what im saying :)
If it is exzema then the coconut oil would help that too.  My daughter had a nasty yeast rash for a long time, it was exhausting.  I tried everything....Finally talked to a naturopath and he told me to basically bomb her system with probiotics(acodophilis sp?)......Make sure you buy it cold, it is best that way.  She took like a month supply in a week...it cleared up and hasnt been back since but she eats tons of yogurt now.  When I had it on my breasts I was doing...
Dilluted vinegar water and lots of sun light....you sure its fungal rash and not exemza?  
Its really good the way you tend to act calmly in fights...but having to sit on a couch as a consequence to hitting doesnt seem like a punishment at all.  Why dont you like time outs?  Or taking toys away(It isnt violent and there is an actual consequence)?  In real life if you do something like hit somebody else there are major consequences, and i believe as a parent we are supposed to be teaching our children how to function in the real world, right? 
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