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As far as the social benefits of preschool, I'm not so sure there is a guarantee.  For one, if the kid is simply not at the developmental stage where they can easily get along with others and follow rules, preschool really isn't going to help it, and might just make the situation worse.    Most kids of my generation didn't attend preschool.  What makes it necessary now, when it wasn't before?
Short answer... I don't see preschool as necessary or even beneficial in the long run.  Our kids did have a positive experience with preschool though.   It certainly doesn't have any long term academic benefit, unless the kid comes from a home where the parents don't read etc.
I am in communication with my child's school to ensure my child doesn't have a particular teacher next year, but have not received a clear answer yet.    We've had experience with this particular teacher before, with another kid.  I don't feel comfortable having my child with this teacher.   Has anyone been in this situation before?  Did the school ever turn you down?  What did you do next?
What do you mean she was a ratbag?   I'm curious what makes people proceed with the relationship when the prospective partner doesn't like one of the kids?
Update to the thread...after more continued oddness, we've decided that the best decision was to have her quit.  One of the big reasons is so that my daughter will have her schedule free to pursue other opportunities.   It didn't go well.  I think my daughter has blinders on as to how the lack of organization affects our family.
We've had ups and downs with our public school experience.  Mostly it has been positive, but there were a few rocky years for the oldest in the early elementary years.   I practically homeschooled her in certain subjects, and was surprised how weak certain subject matters were compared to what I would have expected the typical experience would have been for a private or public school kid in my time.
There is a soon to be released book by Karen Le Billon called French Kids Eat Everything.  She has a blog and she seems to be fairly dismissive of parents on this side of the pond as compared to the French.  She is Canadian.
  Girl Scouts at the level of the service unit or council will sometimes offer joint activities with the boy scouts...not sure how this fits in with the goals of girl scouts at the national level.   In addition many parents who have a girl in scouts might also have a boy in scouts as well.  A mom who is a leader for girl scouts might also be involved in boy scouts as well.   Not saying this is true in all cases, but at the troop level there can be quite a bit of mixed...
I've seen this more in TV...where the parents seem sort of detached until there is consequences.  
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