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And I also think that most people WILL plan ahead when possible and say it's not in the budget. I don't think that's what the OP was talking about. It's where a situation arises unexpectedly where you can no longer really say no. Like when the boss said, "it's OK, treat me next time" AFTER she had already clearly told the boss that she couldn't afford to go out. What is she supposed to say to her boss, "uh, sorry, no can do, but thanks for lunch anyway!"? I wonder how...
I didn't see anyone expressing an opinin that people with money are bad people. But.... what exactly do you mean that people should live below their means? What about the people who literally spend every last dollar they make on their bills and still don't have enough to pay all the bills? How exactly are they supposed to live below their means?
Oh, and also, re: Santa - Santa comes to our house on St. Nick's day in early December. That's more of a cultural thing (eastern European) than anything, though. Where I come from the baby Jesus brings the tree and presents anyway, so Santa has really nothing to do with Christmas anyway, there.
We are Pagan, but our celebrations really arent, well, goddess-themed anything. We do believe in a Creator but it's a vague idea - one could, I suppose, equate this spirit to either a loose translation of "God" or nature or the universe or whatever. We celebrate the Solstice, which is actally a few days BEFORE Christmas... and then we do Christmas as well, since we're an interfaith family. In my ideal world we wouldn't even "need" to celebrate Christmas but it's just...
Wow, um, yeah. I just realized that that's the only topic this poster talked about... That's a bit odd, innit?
I'm probably not going to be much help, but I just wanted to say that I just wore whatever long tanks I had around - I never specifically went for nursing ones.
Hi there - I remember you. You wouldn't know this screenname as it's new, but I definitely remember yours. I also just recently returned to MDC. The board has been through a lot of changes and it's a little slower now than it used to be (OK, a lot slower) but it's still a great place.
Chiming in really late but I also want to say that if it wasn't the vaxing it would be something. It seems to me to be more of a control issue than anything else.
No research, but experience. We are an unvaxing family. (We may start giving some vax now that the kids are older, but that's really neither here nor there.) Once when DS was about 2 he had a nasty fall that we went to the ER for as it was a head wound and it was by the side of a road that had some construction litter around it. He didn't fall IN a rusty nail or anything but for all I knew it might have been an issue. The doctors found out that we didn't vax and sent...
Wait, what?I'm not really having an *issue* that I think about normally, it's just the reaction I had when reading the OP's post.Once in a philosophy class our teacher put out the idea that people who grow up in two different countries (this struck home with me, as I did) can never really feel at home in either country, even though they might be able to be fluent in both cultures. That's the case for me, I think. I've lived in one of the wealthiest counties in the...
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