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milagras, yes I know what you're talking about!  Have you read the book The Artist's Way?  I'm reading it now and she talks about this stuff.
I am sort of in this boat, too.  I have one more year of school before I finish my Master's program.  But my sister just had a baby, and I see all the cute pictures and now I have baby fever again!  And to make matters harder, my husband has been wanting another one for a while.  But I really want to finish this degree without distractions!  Gah, hormones.
I like this thread, it resonates with me quite a bit.  I was raised by ex-Catholics.  They wanted us to make our own decisions about spiritual matters.  I'm happy about that for the most part.  But at times in my life I have felt the lack of spiritual community.  And I have always been somewhat of a seeker, very interested in these things. I've had a variety of what I'd call transcendent experiences, especially while receiving energy work (like Reiki) or doing breathwork. ...
Got rid of a few more things while cleaning this morning.   6 random broken toys and things 9 CDs (can't imagine myself suddenly wanting to listen to late 90s pop and hard rock again...and if I do there's always Pandora LOL)   65/2014
My husband's a scientist (physicist).  He generally works a lot of hours and his schedule varies a lot.  The time commitment has stressed us out at times, but we generally make it work.  It helps that we found a flexible day care that is open late. I have two jobs plus grad school and freelance gigs.  But a good thing is that with a scientist dad and artist mom, I think our kid is getting exposure to lots of ideas and fields of knowledge!
Got started today.  Earlier I had gone through books and clothes, today I actually got rid of them at the local bookstore and Goodwill.   18 books sold/donated to local bookstore (got some sweet store credit, bought my friend's kid a couple of books for a birthday present) 17 items of my old clothing 13 baby clothes/toys 2 cheap wall sconces that I don't know why I bought a year ago   50/2014
This is a great idea.  I'm in!  I think I'll make my own chart because I already get too many newsletters.  I'm also trying to declutter my email inbox, LOL. 
What a great thread!  UFYH is funny and I have found it helpful, thanks for the link :) I, too, did Flylady for a while but eventually started to find her annoying and kind of sexist, UFYH is much more my style.  My house looks a lot better in just a couple of days since reading tips here and getting the UFYH app.
After insisting for a long time that I wouldn't use rewards in potty training (it just seemed weird to me), I followed the advice of my sister and got a package of small toy cars.  I told my son he could have a new car every time he pooped in the potty.  Within a week he was doing so every day with no fear or issues.  After that one box of cars I just stopped giving him rewards.  I was going to switch to stickers because they're cheaper, but oddly it hasn't been an issue. ...
I just discovered this thread, and wanted to add my support for you, OP.  I can sort of understand how from your baby-mama's perspective, it would be easier with you out of the picture.  But even though that might be easier for her, I think it would end up hurting your daughter.  She has (assuming paternity test proves this) a biological dad who wants to be in her life, and she deserves a relationship with you!  I have met guys who gave up on their kids because their exes...
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