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Yeah, I'm still swaddling Anton.  I've tried putting him in a sleep sack, but if his arms are free it seems like he's always scratching his face and waking himself up.  I trim his nails and file them constantly, but there always seems to be some sharp bit anyway!     
Oh no, Stormy!  I hope she heals quickly.   Did anyone else get unwanted parenting advice while spending time with family yesterday?  Poor Anton needed a nap, and I tried to get him to sleep on my mom's bed, but the house was just SO noisy with people talking very loudly, and also it is a somewhat unfamiliar environment for him...anyway, he kept waking up and crying, and then my mom told my husband and I that she thought we should "just leave him for ten minutes" so...
Last night I made two pumpkin pies (because DH's work is having a potluck today so one of them is for him to bring).  Today I'm going to make stuffing, green bean casserole, pumpkin cheesecake, and gravy.  Basically, anything that my mom can't figure out how to veganize, I have to make
Interesting!  I didn't know that.  Anton consistently wakes up at 4 or 4:30. 
I just suggested the book because it does have a section with tips for newborn-four months.  I don't really know if those tips are considered "training" or not.  Regardless, I hope it is a phase that passes soon.
Gah, DH and I got into an argument about this about a week ago.  He is one of those unenlightened men who seems to believe that all housework is by default my job, and if he does any he is being oh-so-generous and helpful.  I tried to explain to him that probably the only way I could keep the house completely clean and un-cluttered is if I NEVER took any time for myself (to write, or be on the internet or whatever while Anton is napping, like right now actually...).  I...
Hmm...I haven't had do deal with that yet but it sounds tough!  I have a book called The No-Cry Sleep Solution that seems good, I haven't had to use it much yet but it is supposed to be a gentle alternative to CIO.  Are you co-sleeping with him?
I think a race on Thanksgiving Day is such a good idea!  You will work up a good appetite, as my mom would say
I've used Ziploc (the ones specifically for breast milk, not the regular Ziploc) and Lanisoh.  No problems with either so far but the Ziplocs seem a bit sturdier.
Yeah, I think my hair currently comprises about 50% of the total contents of my bathroom trash can. 
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