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Aubergine68, tysm for your reply and for being so wonderfully helpful!!
to you both!! I didn't find too many books at the library, but I'm hoping to check half price books to see if they might have any. Sewchris, that link was VERY helpful, ty!!
but.. I got my period April 12, then the depo shot April 17. I had sex 2 weeks later to the day. Now, there's no period, I'm dizzy, nausea, a little crampy and exhausted.. Are these side effects of the depo provera or did we not wait long enough? Ahh!!
I'm new to the tribe, doing all my homework on opening an in home daycare/preschool. I have a few questions! I've been reading a few books I found (my library is sadly lacking in the day care info department). I was wondering what your daycare hours are, especially with your own children. I'm wondering if 8 a - 5 or 6 pm would be doable. That would let me get my own kids up in the mornings, have breakfast with them and off to school. Also, I don't drive. Would that...
I'm going through a major life change, (divorce, moving to a new state, etc) and I'd like to be able to stay home with my children. I'm interested in learning about running a small in home daycare. Does anyone do this? Have any book recommendations or links I can research? I'm not sure where to start as to classes and such. I'm in Tx now, moving to San Diego CA area this summer. Thank you!!
I might be moving to the San Diego area soon and I'd like to get some information or recommendations on mhmr support, pyschiatrists, behavior therapists, etc for my 12 year old ds who has bipolar/ODD/ADHD. We'll be starting from scratch and I'm not sure where to start. We're in Texas right now. I'd appreciate anything you could share!! TYSM!! I hope this is the right spot.
Thanks for your recommendations! My kids *love* spellingtime.com!! Unfortunately the site is closing for the summer so I think we'll look into Spelling Workout. I like spellingtime.com. I put dd on first grade level so she could gain some confidence in her ability and work up. Ds complained that 5th grade was too hard, so I set him back to 4th on Thursday. He took the 4th grade test Friday and passed with flying colors after only writing the words once each....
Quote: Originally Posted by BurgundyElephant We've just started spelling this year. I bought the Spelling Workout book because it was recommended in Well-Trained Mind. They have a whole series. DD (6) likes it and is going through the first one. (http://www.amazon.com/Spelling-Worko...1148960&sr=8-1) I plan on continuing the series with her. Sometimes she'll say it's too easy but then get stumped on the next exercise. So I think that those "easy"...
What do you use for spelling? Ds (10) is an advanced speller while dd (almost 7) struggles. I've looked online and in stores for things to use but not having much luck. I'd like to keep ds interested in spelling since he's such a whiz, and something to give dd confidence. Do you play any kinds of spelling games to help with memorization?
I pulled my special needs ds (10) out of ps about 6 weeks before the end of his 4th grade year last year. His behavior at his home campus had gotten so out of control they couldn't handle him anymore and we all decided in an ARD to send him to the transitional campus waaaaay on the other side of town. They said ds had some issues they were unfamiliar with but they thought they could manage. Well, they couldn't. My dairy allergic son was given dairy after I explained the...
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