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I would love snow, but unlikely since it is almost 90 today.
I just had to take zpack last month. I had a sinus infection for weeks and it finally turned bacterial. It is a class B. The one thing that they told me and not sure if they told you is that is doesn't give you instant relief. It did stop the coughing the next day, but I didn't feel better until the full dosage was taken.
They are pretty accurate, but can still be off by up to a week that early depending on when your baby implanted.
#1 40 weeks #2 40+2 #3 we'll see...
With my last child, my due date board did an intelligender test experiement. They used different household ingredients, like vinegar and stuff and it gave all kinds of different boy/girl results. The ones that used them properly according to a poll where 56% correct. Not even close to reliable to me.  
The second picture looks like a girl. The first picture looks like the cord to me and not a penis.
I had it with my first 2 pregnancies really bad and it lasted until around 30 weeks. Lost 32 and 26 lbs with those. This time while doctors would say it is HG, I only lost 10 lbs and it went away at around 18 weeks and it was honestly nothing compared to the 20 times plus a day I used to puke with the first two. 
Now my previous post is completely gone. Hmm.   Anyways. Pink eye is conjunctivitus. It goes away on its own even if it is bacterial. Antibiotics and eye drops are not needed unless there is no improvement after 3 days. The antibiotics only make it go away faster( and by faster it only means by a day usually with pink eye).
No idea why it posted like that.
First link was right for all of mine. Second one posted wrong for every one. lol
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