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I'm wanting to have a water birth and definitely a more holistic approach, oh and I absolutely hands down want a midwife, suggestions on hospitals, and midwives, how was your experience, etc. Thanks so much!
I'm interested as well, I'm in fremont.
 Do you have a facebook? I'm part of a natural parenting group that meets in Toledo that has a lot of great resources and monthly meetings with awesome topics. There is a birthing center in Michigan but their midwife does home births and I know has come to this area before. I delivered my second in Westlake because they offer a holistic birthing option.
Good luck on getting pregnant!!! Yay a likeminded soon to be mama in Fremont!!
I was hoping to find some other like minded mom's in the area!
I was wondering if there are any moms on the board around the area??
Thank you SO very much!
5 weeks and 4 days.   I guess just little feeling in my ab, not really painful per se.
I know twinges are normal and all, I guess I am just wondering when it is more than a twinge and when to worry? Amazing how much you forget through the years!   Also, what are some books you enjoyed reading during pregnancy that explains what the body goes through, what to expect, ways to soothe the body, etc, in more of a natural way than what to expect when expecting, thanks!
It has been eight years since I was last pregnant and have seemed to forget everything! My breasts are in extreme pain, I know there is soreness and tenderness, but any ways to relieve this symptoms or soothe them ? Thanks so very much.
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