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I get irritated wearing pads as well and switched to the diva cup last year. But I have been using organic disposable pads and it hasn't been a problem at all. Maybe you could look into getting something a little more natural with no bleach?
I haven't shrunk down that much, but that was expected since I lost the weight gradually last and I know it will happen eventually. I am actually feeling more confident this time because of that. But it still feels strange to look, but not be, pregnant:) I was reading an article this morning and it made me think of this thread. http://jezebel.com/how-to-lose-the-baby-weight-in-just-three-lightning-fas-5993518
"..Interesting that it's a wound. I assumed it was just like shedding, like with a period." nstewart How my midwife explained it when she showed us the placenta was that since it was attached to the uterus, then where it detached was a wound that had to heal. If that makes sense? I am healing really well, to my delight! I was anticipating a much tougher post partum recovery, simply based on how things went last time. But instead I had a very different (so much better:)...
I had my little girl at home yesterday(!) and I could not be happier with how it turned out. After contractions started early on the 22nd, I continued in pre/beginning labour until about 4:00/4:30 when active labour started. Then the midwife arrived at 4:45 and gave me the ok to get in the pool which was lovely:) My water broke in the pool and then it got really intense and I had to push soon after. Pushing was overwhelming, but I was able to breathe through it and control...
Our sweet baby girl! And you can see the deflated pool and hose in the background:)
And a quick update, I had my baby girl this evening at 5:40 pm! She is 7lbs3oz and 52 cms long. I had the most amazing home water birth and now baby is nursing like a champ! I'll post a fuller account later on:)
I get what you're talking about Marie. I started having contractions early yesterday morning at about three and twenty minutes apart. I then went to my midwife appointment at one and she swept my membranes and said my cervix was very soft and she could easily get two fingers in. My contractions intensified some then more like ten to fifteen minutes apart, but still quite variable. My mom and sister arrived and two of my close friends came to be with, but by the time it got...
Beautiful jacqelinej! And I love the name! All the babies are so perfectly gorgeous that it's making me that much more impatient to meet my own /jealous;)
I just got mine in the mail this morning and they are so lovely! Thank you all so much!
Oh, nstewart, what a gorgeous baby you made!
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