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I find out in the morning! (I'm a planner... although I'm fully convinced DD is getting a baby brother)
Ive been thinking about getting one myself. The support seems like it would help make the entire process easier. Go for it!
i'm totally looking these books up now! I've been tempted to find a doula (after reading ina mays book). 
With my first I had a natural birth (not on purpose just waited wayyy too long to go to the hospital and 20 minutes later DD was born).  So I thought if I did it once I can do it this time around too. So I picked up a copy of "ina may's guide to childbirth" and its AMAZING. Have any of you read it? Any thoughts or other books to suggest?
I have the urge to get everything ready already, lol. But we are borrowing a crib and someone gave us a stroller they were getting rid of. In three weeks we find out what the gender is then I'm finishing the nursery. With my dd they fixed up the entire nursery when I was in the hospital (which I wish I had more say in) ...and I know I'm going to get tired the further I get along. I really just want to finish it and not have to worry about it anymore, lol. Any one else...
I found this site when I was researching cloth diapers (which I didn't do with lulu but am hoping to try this time around). We're trying to green up our family lifestyle, starting with baby steps of course, lol. You ladies seem like an awesome group (from my looking around on the boards already)! And in my opinion you can never have enough awesome ladies in life. 
Hey ladies!   I'm Tina, i'm 22 and married (5 1/2 years now) and we have a awesome daughter Lulu (whos almost 5 already). I'm work part time at a bead store, and I also run my own jewelry design studio and have been working on graphics on the side too. Other than that I'm home with Lulu and our little bean (due July 13th!).    Just thought I would say hello!
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