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Yay! I'm so glad! I came here just to check up on you! :)    Webster won't flip an optimally positioned baby. It's an adjustment that loosens the round ligaments that hold your uterus in place. I could totally feel that my left RL was tight and uncomfortable (very first-tri-like RL pain, just stronger!) when my babe was breech, but I didn't realize the connection. I had the webster done twice bc my RL was SO tight, and babe turned within 8 hours of the second...
  Here I am at 39 weeks, baby number 6! Seems like I might be one of the very few with a belly left to post a picture of!
^^ Yes to everything iowa said. My chiro isn't Webster "certified". However, he learned the technique in the 1980s from THE Dr. Webster himself. When I asked about him not being listed on the icpa website for doing the Webster technique, he said he was not interested in paying money to an organization for a piece of paper confirming that he knew how to do something he learned before it become a certification. :) I totally get that. Anyway, like iowa said, keep calling...
The Webster technique chiro adjustment turned my persistent breech. IDK what time your ECV is scheduled for, but I'd try to get in before that. Just have the adjustment can loosen up your ligaments enough to increase your chances of success with ECV. Your dr said ECV has a 50% success rate? Webster technique has a reported 80% success right. Couldn't hurt, right?? Here's hoping your little one turns!
I never got mine, either. I talked with rebirth about it and she was going to try to send another, but she had her baby a couple days later, so I doubt she got around to it. I've got one of the last EDDs in this group and I'm 5 days away from it!! 
Wow, kjourdan! You do look incredible!
I bought a Gabriella (? I think) brand one that was recommended here on MDC by lots of moms. I had a couple $5 amazon gift cards, so I paid about $10 oop, free shipping... anyway, it's pretty much like what you described; not so much like a girdle. It does have the "breathable" side panels though, which I thought would be good because I live in the south and my avg body temp pp is like 125*. Ha.
Ha ha! I love it. You look great for 12 days. Curious what binder you are using? I got one to use for the first time, this time, too... I can't stand that feeling that my guts are just freely roaming around my abdomen!
Here I am at 36 weeks with baby number 6!   
I feel ya, livelovelaugh!! I have used those playtex bras since my first was born in 2003 and I loved them... beautiful, no, but practical, YES! Underwire, great support, durable, inexpensive!!!! But now what?? I've searched high and low and still haven't found another bra I like as well. I need underwire for sure, and I really prefer that the "sling" part go on both sides of each breast when the cup is dropped. NO padding, but YES lining. And I need it to come in my...
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