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hey mamas. i am having a really hard time gaining weight and would love some advice/suggestions. with my first pregnancy i only gained 1lb in the first trimester, but by 16 weeks i'd gained 6lbs. which is a good, average weight gain. this time i lost weight in the first trimester, and at 16 weeks i am now just back up to my pre pregnancy weight. before i got pregnant i was already having a hard time maintaining my weight, and now it's nearly impossible. i'm also having a...
i have a somewhat neglected blog....i've been horrible the past few months about updating, but i too plan to become more frequent again. it's a bit of everything, from musings about my life, and pregnancy stuff, to ranting about whatever issue has me all riled up at the moment. it is http://www.betsydiamond.blogspot.com
oh yeah, i'm feeling it too. my pelvis started to separate about 24 weeks last pregnancy, and by the end of pregnancy i could barely walk and cried when i got out of bed. this time it started at 14 weeks, and i'm not excited. i can feel the pubic symphesis pop/grind when i move. the plus side is that it makes pushing easier. i only pushed for 10 minutes with dd, only about 5 good pushes till she was out. trying to console myself with that thought.
i'm nursing my 23 month old dd about 5 to 6 times per 24 hours. i've got crazy nipple pain, but i'm 14 weeks and hoping it will lessen soon. i didn't fully night wean, but have got her down to only one middle of the night feeding. so now that i'm getting enough sleep i'm open to nursing her throughout pregnancy and then tandem if she wants/it works. she's pretty posessive of my boobs and gets mad if dh touches them, so i'm a bit worried if she'll be able to share with...
i drank in 2nd and 3rd trimesters with dd, and will again this time. only one glass of wine or one beer, and only once a week. i crave beer big time when pregnant....it's probably the hardest thing for me to (mostly) give up out of all the no-no foods and drinks.
i had a low lying placenta with my dd during the first trimester that was causing bleeding and i was really worried, and at that point the docs explained that it could move out of the way as it got bigger, which luckily it did. but by 20 weeks it is pretty much where it is going to be. i'd also ask though if there are other ways to check placenta placement....a 5 minute transvaginal ultrasound should show placenta without doing the full 30 minute anatomy scan. that might...
here is 13.3 weeks. officially second trimester woohooo!
i love the name sera! if we have a girl she will be seraphim, but called sera. not sure on a middle name. maybe wendy, or lake, which are both family names. if we have a boy he will either be asa jude, or archer daniel.
i haven't personally had it after a bm, but i've heard of it on many pregnancy forums. also i had spotting after throwing up and when i talked to my doc she listed a lot of things that can strain the cervix and cause mild spotting and she listed bm as one of them. i know any spotting is scary. hugs to you.
i'm late on this, but sign me up.
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