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i know this thread is old now, because i got a late ultrasound and i'm due at the end of the month, but i'm just so excited to show off my lovely little person. 10.6 weeks by dates, but measuring 11.4 on the ultrasound. baby was still/sleeping for most of it, but finally at the end started kicking around a bit which made me happy. and i heard a great heartbeat. after 11 weeks of worrying about miscarriage, i can finally relax.
you can buy citronella oil online, and i've seen a ton of online herbal bug spray recipes....just haven't tried any yet. i use california baby sunscreen on my body, and josie maran on my face (only on my face since it's wicked expensive). both are pretty free of the yucky stuff. you can look at the skin deep online sunscreen comparison to find out what exactly is in every sunscreen and how safe they are. their database lists 1800 sunscreens.
username: mamadiamond real name: betsy edd: 12/21/12 by dates, but i think it's a few days earlier by my actual ovulation day. baby # 2 don't have a strong feeling about the sex yet.
dr bronner's liquid soap, in unscented? baking soda for scrubbing tiles etc? but any grease cutters i know of have a smell.
i'm so sorry for your loss. i lost a baby in january and had no idea it would be as (emotionally) painful as it was. but it gets better. hugs to you. i hope your body and heart heal quickly.
here's 10 weeks 1 day. a good half of my pants are too tight now (now i only fit the ones that were too loose before pregnancy).
do you track your cycles or know when your next period should be due or if you had sex around ovulation? if you've had some bleeding then a pregnancy test would be a good idea. if it was implantation then a home test can usually pick up pregnancy two days after implantation. and if it was a period then you will at least set your mind at ease. i'm breastfeeding my 22 month old and pregnant, and i get the same worries that i won't be able to give either baby all that they...
hi, i haven't had a similar situation, just wanted you to know someone is thinking good thoughts for you. i hope you get good news. i wouldn't necessarily give up hope, especially with a heartbeat. a beating heart is a really good sign. even if you are sure of ovulation, dates can still be off. for instance, if sperm didn't meet up with egg till the day after you ovulated, and then the zygote implanted later than normal (normal is 6-12 days but can be later if you have...
with my first pregnancy i had an herbalist actually prescribe it for me in the first tri to help with spotting. i drank it daily from 8-13 weeks. this time i haven't had the spotting problems so i won't drink it till later on. i've never seen a study that actually linked RRL to miscarriage, only info that suggests it can cause mild uterine contractions....but since i'm breastfeeding and having sex, and those both cause more uterine contractions than RRL, i'm not worried....
i was on pelvic rest with my first pregnancy from 10-18 weeks because i had repeated spotting and bleeding. and everything turned out fine, and i was up an about for the rest of my pregnancy. i never had repeat beta testing, because ultrasound showed my bleeding was due to a low lying placenta that later moved up on its own and the bleeding stopped. i was off pelvic rest the day that another ultrasound showed the placenta had moved. i've had a few spots so far this time,...
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