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i soak and pre wash with a little borax and that usually works on the stains. i've heard that setting them in bright sunlight also works.
babies have dream activity even in the womb, so they definitely dream later on. my dd has had them a few times, usually when she's had a stressful day or growth spurt. i just wake her up when they happen and then give her lots of cuddles. i think it's pretty normal - just how they process stress and new things, same as adults. sometimes dd laughs in her sleep, so i think it goes both ways.
i shared a room with my sister for 15 of the 18 years i lived at home, and we even shared a bed (by choice) until i was 8. i wouldn't have traded that time for the world. my sister is my best friend to this day, and i know a lot of that is because of the time and closeness we had together. when i was a very young child all three of my siblings and i were in one room (two bunk beds), and we loved it. we were little and thought it was like a permanent sleep over. it is a...
thanks for even more great ideas! i feel so much more confident than when i first posted that i can do this and have fun with it :)
i have some BG AIOs that have started repelling water. how do i "strip" them? i hear people talking about using dawn, but how do i do this? in the sink? machine? how much do i use?
my birth was free because my husband is in the military so we have very very good insurance, but without insurance it would have been $8,000 just for the birth, not counting the pre-natal care and testing.
i got mine back at 6mo pp, while exclusively breastfeeding every two hours round the clock. i was hoping it would be longer before it came back. i did not miss aunty flo at all.
if you have concerns about the safety of donated milk, why not use a service like Human Milk for Human Babies, where you can actually talk with the prospective milk donor. i donate milk, and before i started the woman i donate to asked about my history, health, and diet. and, if you're still concerned, you can always flash heat the milk to kill bacteria. as far as not tolerating formula well and having a rash, have you had allergy testing done? cow milk allergy is...
i was just about to post a similar question. i use that same detergent, and some of my AIO's have started repelling. so i'm interested to see what others reply.
mayonaise! i hadn't thought of that! it has the right texture, so i could probably sub that in and monkey around with my casseroles until it worked. mayo and chicken broth might come close to cream of chicken. :)
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