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my dd did this from about 6wks till 6months when she learned how to growl and decided she liked that better. she just did it for fun, and sometimes for attention. i wouldn't worry about it if it doesn't seem like there are breathing problems going on. babies just make weird noises.
i am a stay at home mom to an 8month old dd. i moved 10 hours away from all family and friends to be with my husband on a military base when i was pregnant. since moving, it has been extremely hard to meet people. and now, my husband has deployed so i've lost him and also social functions related to his work. everyone i had gotten to know was people from his job, who are also deployed now. i'm feeling really lonely and without support, and i know that i need to meet...
thanks :) so i guess now i just wait and see if i start to feel pregnant. with my first i knew long before i tested but i just didn't know if the symptoms would be different while nursing.
i'm nursing my 7month old dd and ttc. my period returned in december, but my cycle is still really irregular, however, i ovulated this month for sure. before i had dd i had a really regular cycle so i knew long before i tested that something was up. but i have no idea what signs to look for while breastfeeding, especially since i don't even know when to expect a period since i'm so irregular now. how will i even know when to test? are the early signs going to be the same...
it is so good to read through this thread and know i'm not alone! my dd slept 4-6 hours at a time from 2-4 months, and then regressed and now at 7 months wakes to nurse every 1.5-2 hours all night. i didn't know what had happened, and i wantted to punch the pediatrician every time she told me that my baby "should be able to sleep through the night now". but reading here it sounds like this is pretty normal for babies. we're also working on diagnosing some allergies, so...
i didn't know it had a name, but it's how i nurse my daughter most of the time, and all the time at night. the only way to co-sleep in a double bed and get any sleep is for her to sleep on top of me. my hubby and i never have to worry about rolling on her, and i don't have to wake up fully to nurse during the night.
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