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You are not a bad mom! Could be PPD, but you admittedly have too much on your plate. What helped me was to get a little selfish and cut out all the unnecessary things being asked of me. I focused on what was going on inside my house only (kids, and minimal cleaning).. Stopped making plans or obligations because it was putting way too much pressure on me. Playdates, activities, etc. Be honest with DH, even if he currently feels like the enemy... For example, I think mine...
Your info sounds good to me! And by the time she is 2+, even better. My first was 2 and probably nursing as much as your DD is right now when I got pregnant.    But with that specific time frame, how much wiggle room do you have?
I was wondering what everyone buys at Trader Joe's - best deals, must-haves, whatever you feel like sharing.   I ran in for the first time yesterday and was surprised at how affordable it seemed to be. It's about 15 minutes away, but beats the 45min away that Whole Foods is.
Where are you?
Go without them and/or cut costs in every other area in your budget to make up for it.
Just wanted to give some insight because my brother sounds like your friend (but he doesn't have kids). There is a reason our family, close and extended, have all finally stopped being able to help. It was after years of giving and never got us/him anywhere. He is still in the same position (by choice, or mental issue, drugs, who knows). We've repeatedly spent the time to take him to rehab, get setup with food stamps, find an apartment.. He always let it fall through...
I'm just curious - Tell us about your keychain. How many keys do you carry around with you everywhere you go? I see moms at the playground with like 30 keys hanging from a clip and I wonder why they could possibly need that many keys! :)   I have one car key and one house key.
Honestly, it seems impossibly tight to me. Is the $1200 savings that you currently have, PLUS $210 leftover each month? Either way, once you're down to $0 in 6 months, how will you continue on?
I wasn't stating it as 100% truth/fact. There's no denying that would be an extremely difficult route.
I think those phases would be happening like 10 years apart from eachother so it wouldn't really be either or. I mostly just don't want anything 'sexy'/revealing in our house (we are bikini-free, for example)
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