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I'm not sure, it's really up to the person reading/deciding and could vary. It would have to be very believable that you found God or whatever. What you're looking for is more of a philosophical exemption, not legal in all states, and they will know if you're trying to trick the system. Good luck, it was one of the most aggravating experiences of my life.
I think you need to call HQ again and tell them everything that has happened since. You have done nothing wrong. It has to be illegal for them to contact you - that is really disgusting - But I guess these days with Facebook it's probably common.   In the wife's mind, every other woman on earth is repulsive to husband and the only possible reason he would look in your direction is to make fun of you. They sound like teenagers. I doubt they have the means to get a...
How many do you have? Very few. Pretty sure people think my kids are disadvantaged. Are they sorted into categories or are you more of a toy box person? Terrified of toy boxes. They are categorized in baskets on shelves. Do you rotate? If so, how much do you have in storage? No, I don't want to own so many that they'd need to be rotated. It gets donated rather than stored. Any must have's when it comes to toys? Blocks (all ages), Board Games for 3yr+ Do you allow...
Religious exemption is not really an option unless you've done NO vaxes. That is true about not naming a specific religion, worked for us in NY.
First of all, what you're describing sounds exactly like most families I've met in my life. Just sounds like a mainstream American family to me. It seems you're looking for reasons to dislike her, which I think happens often with in-law situations. You are doing to her exactly what you say she does to you in your sentence about being jealous. If your husband is on the same page, it should be easy to simply spend less time around her.
We are very casually preparing to homeschool our preschooler. I was wondering if any experienced HSers had tips on what kind of supplies you like to stock up on while they're cheap during the summer.
Just had to say that I have a 4yr old who is/was "failure to thrive" and a million other such labels. We were constantly at every kind of specialist trying to find a reason, and there really was none. In hindsight I wish we would have just left it alone (after *some* testing, like genetic/celiac). So now she's 4 and only weighs 24 or 25 lbs, but she is active, healthy, and happy. Another huge indicator is whether or not the child is meeting milestones. We were given...
Could you get a PT job anyway or have DH work more? I'd leave the student loans alone for now (keep paying monthly). I'm a SAHM but my DH works over 70 hours a week to make that possible. It certainly evens out to what I'd make working part-time (and having to juggle opposite  schedules, childcare, etc). I hear you on the making just a few dollars too many to qualify for assistance. Definitely get setup with health insurance help asap.
I was expecting this to just be a noise question. I understand where you're coming from, but personally I would move forward with plans to live there. You guys sound ready to do whatever it takes to make it as safe as possible. Any living situation could have safety issues and it's a matter of providing supervision and teaching your children (like your DH said).
It sounds like it's intended to be sold as land... :-\ And if you'd already be jumping through hoops for the base price, not counting remodel, it doesn't sound like you'd be ready even if the house was in mint condition.
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