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We just traded-in two awful vehicles and got one brand new car. That counted as a nice down payment. I was really shocked but dealers will take almost anything.
I would go to the ER (or more affordable alternative?), mostly because you didn't see exactly what happened.
everything! Cloth diapers, coffee, toothpaste, laundry powder, gifts for others. Anything that I otherwise might go to a Target/Walmart type of store for, or even a specialty website. Always the best prices and free shipping.
I hear you! I've been facebook-free for about a month now and don't miss it at all. In hindsight, I spent way too much time on there and based my opinions of people on their hourly status updates. It absolutely made me a worse mother and wife. The only time I really spend online now is to check email, which is rarely from an actual person so it doesn't take up much time. Only when I'm bored and have been away from the computer all day do I find myself looking for some...
Throw it out. I've had this happen with acquaintances at playdates that I'll probably never see again. Nobody ever comes back looking. I'm surprised the stuff even made it to your new place! And I'm sure she's attached to a new family at work by now.
I love that! Works for any age! Thanks for the idea. :)
This sounds a lot like my 4 month old. She's already teething and is either uncomfortable or has hands in mouth most of the day - she'll even put hand in mouth in the middle of nursing so we finish way earlier than I'd expect. She's also fascinated and curious all of the sudden - very distractible. But very happy and healthy (not sure of weight comparisons). Oh, and she's sleeping through the night. How many diapers you go through in a day is always a good indicator.
Just off the top of my head, you might want to look into Sappo School (Rt 112 in Medford, right off LIE) and Love of Learning Montessori (Centerport, on the water).
I think they are disposing of the doll in a sharps container at the end - like you'd do with any other needle.   I thought it was hilarious! IMO, they made the 'commercial' because of how ridiculous the HPV vaccine is to begin with (particularly giving it to girls sooo young) - it made me proud of the folks at SNL.
Just have to mention that putting it on credit card means you're not financially able.   I'm in a somewhat similar position as you and went with cheapest option, will be at a hospital, and using an OB who is atleast open to VBAC (though not exactly pro-VBAC!). I'm sure you have a good amount of in-network OBs to choose from, one of them has to be somewhat open to it.
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