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Can DH get a job locally (retail, etc) with any remaining free time he has? You're a full-time SAHM now, right?,  so you wouldn't have to worry about arranging childcare. You may hardly see him but it sounds like you really need the money. Oh, and I'd personally choose the medicaid hospital birth given your current circumstances, but I understand that's a very difficult choice.
Same here!! I'm 36 weeks and just use RRL tea bags, steeped about 10 minutes. But I find myself constantly craving it throughout the day! I hope the frequency in which I'm drinking it makes up for lack of strength. I just know nothing about tea leaves, infusions, etc. Trying to catch up on this thread.  
NST is just a doppler, it's not uncomfortable or invasive at all. A Biophysical Profile combines ultrasound and NST results. I think you should go along with the NST, but as others said, you might get some unsettling news. (I personally would rather know if baby was struggling)
my first impressions:   Morgan - mostly boy Cameron - mostly boy Jordan - boy Dylan - boy Avery - girl Elliot - boy Bailey - girl
As a very last resort! $1000 is not that much if you focus for 4 to 6 weeks. Don't spend anything besides bills and cheap groceries. If you and DH both take extra shifts, that should really help.  
I'm also 34 weeks and have noticed this since around 30 weeks. I get weekly sonos/NSTs so I know baby is healthy and moving, but it's getting to the point where I have to consciously look for movement - I'm usually so busy all day that I don't realize til bedtime. It can be scary but I think it's mostly due to the fact that they just don't have much room to move around anymore!
I had the same exact issue as you and have finally recently (mostly) conquered it. I just had to get to a less sentimental place in my head. From there, I donated anything we didn't realistically need to keep (anything worn-out, stained, things like white onesies I'd rather spend $10 on someday than keep storing). If you have another child, you'll be able to get more hand-me-downs, as well as gifts.   I just have to tell you how good it feels to not have like 10 huge...
Almost any retail store should have hours stocking shelves or being a cashier at odd times of the night, part-time. Lots of stocking jobs start around 6am and are done by 10am.
Please let us know your opinion of Dr. Rubin. I love what I see from their website, but hard to tell about vaccines, etc. Is the meeting with them this Saturday free if you just call and ask?
Dr. Valerie Mokides in New Hyde Park
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