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I was in the same exact position as you about 6 months ago. I should have nightweaned earlier but didn't believe anyone's advice. It actually worked though - I would just talk to her calmly in the middle of the night. At first, it was specifically about nursing, like "we can have milk when the sun comes up" or "it's empty" or whatever popped into my head while half asleep! We did that for a few days and she would calmly fall back to sleep. Then she miraculously started...
I think you're on the right track, and he is probably eating/consuming healthier than many of his peers! For now, the only issue I would see is a social one (cafeteria, playdates, etc) but even the 'normal' kids will have their quirks/refusals.
Do you make sure your bladder is extremely full when you go for the sonos? You have to stay extra hydrated all the time to keep the amniotic fluid up. I only have experience with fluid problems in third trimester (I actually mysteriously and suddenly had NO fluid, which led to emergency c-section). Everything sounds healthy for you otherwise and it's great that they are already taking it seriously and staying on top of it!
Not sure how old your youngest is, but I'd just keep the small umbrella stroller in the car trunk and get rid of all others. 
Lately I've been buying the store-brand prenatal vitamin at Whole Foods. I'm happy enough with it and more importantly make sure to eat a varied healthy diet. I just can't bring myself to spend $25 on some of the other brands for a month's worth of prenatals!
I just put it all in the dry diaper pail.
Stick up for yourself!!! She is pushing it way too far. You will never get this time back with your son. I could understand maybe if she sees him for only 2 days every few months, but considering she is staying with you for weeks at a time this seems inappropriate. She honestly sounds to me like a character in a Lifetime movie -- creepy!!
I had great success with Chase (3 different credit cards with them). I simply called customer service and told them our income is lower than when we initially obtained the cards years ago. Also mentioned that we were really going to have to consider stop making minimum payments. They were glad to help and only asked for updated income over the phone, never had to show proof. With Chase this was called their "Balance Liquidation Program". They got us down to a reasonable...
Try not to worry. I see you've had 6 healthy pregnancies, so you know your body can do this! I definitely have days where I have not a single symptom and it scares me, but I wake up another day and can't fathom getting off the couch cause I feel so sick and tired. You should get in to see your doctor! I had a u/s around 7 weeks and my 12 week u/s will be here soon enough, but I am so anxious to just see/hear the baby in there.
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