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In my & DH's opinion, $40,000 - but I know our family and friends would consider that extreme poverty. We're not struggling at all. We are in an expensive area, we just watch our money and make it work.
I'm not a coffee drinker, but am addicted to black tea. I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and the black tea / caffeine is just making me more nauseous. I was hoping to find some suggestions for other teas during pregnancy. I keep reading that herbal tea is bad during pregnancy, but when I tried to pick some out at the store, they were ALL herbal, even the "Morning Sickness" teas. I'm also afraid of drinking the wrong thing during the wrong trimester - When I googled safe...
I just logged on in hopes of finding someone in the same position as me. I feel like I can't take this discomfort anymore! With my first pregnancy it was nothing like this - I had "morning sickness" for maybe an hour a day. I've never been constipated before but I'm assuming that's what part of this feeling is. I just want to lay down all day everyday. I have a toddler to take care of! I don't even want to nurse her anymore because I'm so uncomfortable no matter how I...
Just wanted to say, as the mother of an almost 3 year old, the time of birth has never come up or been asked on any paperwork. Any other small mistake on the birth certificate would really bother me, but since it's within 30 minutes I personally wouldn't mind, unless of course it pushes it into the next day!
With both of my pregnancies, someone had a dream I was pregnant a few days before I tested. With this baby, it was DH's coworker I've never met! No one has ever casually mentioned a dream like that to me when I'm not pregnant, so it's pretty interesting.
DD will be 3yrs 3months when new baby arrives. I actually think of all my mom friends I will have the greatest age difference between kids. The only thing I have worried about is taking 2 out in public by myself, and if I have to wait til DH gets home to come to Target or whatever with me, I can live with that for a while til I get used to a new routine.
I also have Factor V Leiden. I was only recently diagnosed when I went to talk to an OB about TTC. It explains most of the issues I had with my first birth (emergency c-section, IUGR, no amniotic fluid). I'm going to start taking the blood thinners (Lovenox) very soon. Injections every day- a little nervous about that, but I want to have a healthier baby/birth this time if I can help it.   I want to be treated high-risk this time so I don't mind the label. I'm focusing on...
Just wanted to say your kids are so young, they don't need many toys and don't even know the difference right now. As others said, clothes can cost wayyy less than that, especially if you love the thrift store. Assuming your ex is the father of both kids, it's kind of worrisome to me that DP isn't willing to put priority to taking care of you and the kids, he must have entered the relationship knowing it would be a greater deal of responsibility than usual.
I just cut my hair really short, chin-length. I love it. I had the girl at Supercuts ($12) cut it purposely 'messy'. All I do is wash it (every 3+ days) and let it air dry. Maybe it doesn't look amazing, but I know it looks wayyy better than the dirty ponytail I had for 3 years.
I am the same exact way!! With my first pregnancy I told ONE person, who ended up getting a monogrammed diaper bag with that name way before I was due. It felt so weird! I mean, I actually felt angry inside, haha, I realize that's irrational because she was just being nice. But this time around we won't tell anyone. Oh, and no offense to other mamas, but I never really understood people who use the name to talk about the unborn baby out in public, like "Whoa, Sarah...
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