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I am nursing my 2 year old and just got a positive pregnancy test this week. For atleast a week before I tested, I was bloated, achey, exhausted, getting hot flashes, etc. I could feel every symptom and knew it was because I was pregnant. Breastfeeding didn't effect that at all. However, I didn't have sore breasts until days after testing. When AF returned I had somehwat regular but 34-day cycles. I just calculated and tracked on a website everytime I got my period, and...
Scheduled my appointments! Ultrasound on Feb 28 and appt with doctor on March 2. I don't really know how far along I am, but I want to hear the heartbeat so bad! I saw this OB practice for a regular exam a few months ago but otherwise this is my first experience with them.   I also have to go see a hematologist next week because I just found out I have a blood clotting disorder (Factor V Leiden); it can cause miscarriages, or at the very least serious growth...
at 8dpo, I woke DH up at like 7am to help me read the test, I had a realllly faint line. He was in the middle of sleeping obviously, so he just said "yes, there's a line". He seemed really bummed that he found out in such a boring way. We were TTC for 6 months though and I was too happy/relieved to wait!
I just realized all the clothes I have stored are for a July newborn. Not gonna work in October! It will be fun to shop for tiny tiny baby clothes again. I'm also going to need a good diaper bag that works for a 3yr old and newborn.
With my first baby I loved to shop all the time, right from when I got my BFP. She's 2 so we still have every single baby thing we need. It makes things pretty boring! And after being a parent already I feel like I think much more logically/frugally, that also takes the fun out of it. I guess I can work on a nice new cloth diaper collection! The wishlist sounds like a great way to keep track, I'm going to try that.
I felt that way with my first pregnancy! We just spent months TTC and I think we kind of feel like we got what we were trying for haha. It's so much harder with a toddler running around, or when I'm tired and would rather sleep. Enjoy it!!!
I'm nursing DD who will turn 3 while I'm pregnant. I have no idea what my plan is yet. I don't mind the thought of tandem nursing. I feel sick and tired a lot lately, but boobs don't hurt yet.  Any way to keep milk supply up while pregnant?  We should definitely keep this thread going in the coming months, because I barely know anyone in real life who breastfeeds, certainly not a toddler while pregnant, so I won't have anyone else to talk to about this!
I got a positive today, 8dpo! It was a dollar tree test and this was my first test, I was sure it would be a waste but I was driving myself crazy thinking about testing! Also, it was second pee of the day! Strong symptoms for atleast 5 days prior.
1. What is your first name? SimpleLove 2. How many kids do you have (including the new baby)? 2 3. Are you married, single, divorced, in a relationship...? very happily married 4. When are you "due?" - October 22 5. Do you have any names picked out? not really. we are picky! 6. List 3 facts about yourself. Been TTC for 6+ months. I'm still nursing my 2 1/2 yr old. I've had depression/anxiety for many years, successfully treating it now. 7. Is this your last...
Hi everyone,  I am soo happy to be joining you. I think I'm due 10/22, got a very faint positive this morning! This will be #2. Congratulations to everyone!!
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