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Sacopee Valley Birthing Services does: http://www.sacopeemidwives.org/Sacopee_Valley_Birthing_Services/Midwifery_Care.html
Quote:   Can I just say, easy though it may be for you, that is intense!  I'm impressed.  No wonder you are feeling somewhat disconnected right now, with what you are working on.  Just imagine your son being able to tell his friends that his mom works in solar voltaic manufacturing instead of saying "well, she just kind of cleans the house and cooks".  I have 2 degrees in painting (I know, I know...) and I'm working in my field, which is more than I think I deserve...
My daughter went through that crazy all-night latching desire too, it was insane!  It ended spontaneously, though.  She isn't night-weaned and I see the lack of sleep building on me over all this time.   You are still in school?  What are you majoring in?  It must be so hard to be doing this AND being a student!  You are strong just to get through the semester (which will be over next week, right?), that is a major accomplishment.    
Postpartum Doula: good idea!  I wish I'd had one. I read in a very good nursing book (the one with the purple cover?), that zoloft is actually okay during breastfeeding and doesn't pass into milk, just watch out for the other ones.  Obviously this needs to be double-checked, but it's what I remember.
I don't have anything specific to recommend beyond what herenow2 said (vitamins and fish oil...I found vitamin D very helpful in the winter, in large doses; it doesn't get passed easily through breastmilk but the baby will also need a D supplement if you live up north).   However, let me say that many mothers will be going through something very similar so they will probably be understanding in a mothers' group.  Some of them will be awkward and scared, too, if not...
by the way, there's nothing wrong with you, especially since you are not apathetic and are asking for advice ...and maybe your child has some kind of food sensitivity that is making him grumpy.  Mine used to, and when I quit the foods in question she grew less grumpy.  Anyway, our doctor says that 15 months is an unhappy time for a child...he is frustrated by all that he understands yet cannot do, so thus he becomes a grump until talking and motor skills improve.
Hey, I just looked at your profile and saw that you are/were a student.  What are you studying?  What are you into for yourself, for you own life, not as a momma?  I'm really interested, but also I'm asking because I think it will help if you reconnect with the stuff that is important to you, for you...other than your son.  Not sure if you are working outside the home, but for me (I work part time...teaching college two mornings and four nights a week) that isn't always...
Just curious!  
catnip is correct.  The idea is that BPA is disruptive to estrogen production, as is soy, so is best eliminated when soy is introduced.  Whatever, I don't buy cups etc with BPA in them, and I don't let Tess play with receipts (if I can catch her in time, anyway), so I guess we're fine on that one.  Is there some other big source of BPA I don't know about (other than cheap plastic toys)?   Anyway, I see that there are 10 grams of soy protein in an adult serving of tofu, so...
Aha!  Very sensible!  How can I find out how much soy protein is in tofu?  Does it correspond with the protein info on the carton? thanks for the great answer!!!
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