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How the @$$%^ do you prepare a hard-boiled egg, so that the shell comes off without destroying the eggwhite?  Have tried Joy of Cooking, Mark Bitman (only cookbooks in house) and the competing ideas of my father and mother.   Am in torment (well, relatively speaking of course). THANK YOU
    Totally wtf on the sugar gummis (or powder which is inconsistent...what if she doesn't finish the yoghurt w/ the powder?) vitamin people, please make some other kind of toddler vitamin, dudes!
My daughter is 2, and gets (almost) daily floradix, vitamin c, multivitamin gummi (cut up; we use the vegetarian ones which are softer.  This way she won't choke), fish oil (contains D3), flax oil.  Sometimes I give her a cut-up calcium gummi.  This is all really easy to do and she's getting pretty much enough without getting too much of anything.  We're vegetarians, she is kind of picky...plus she was a bit anemic and we live in an area with lots of lead in the...
Mattea ? Lorelei ??? Raina ?????
Did I misread you to say you wanted Greek names?  I think I did.  Sorry!  Now you know why the first two are so Greek-ish.  I still like the other names on my list, but here is the one I think is best.   Marisol.  Calliope and Marisol.  It has a meaning associated with the sun.   D   edited to say: why did I include Ida?  Duh, that would never work w/ Ada.  I'm just off tonight (Ida is my favorite name though, so I hope somebody uses it someday (did not work...
Thessaly (region of Greece) (you could call her Tess) Thalia (favorite college professor who was from Greece) (you could call her Lia)   less relevant but I think they work: Rosaline Marisol Juniper Opal Ida (you could have a complicated middle name to go with it)   Hey, glad to read this thread and I hope you're feeling great! D.
Great Raffi article...thanks chel. I love him, I'll admit it right now, even though Bananaphone might be annoying (haven't heard it!)
  uh...I was kidding.  I didn't really think Raffi would be reading this and I extra didn't think he had to tell me what his deal is. It was a joke.  Seriously.  And while I did wonder about the "Raffi-has-no-kids" thing, I don't really care, if you see the difference.   Okay, I'll quit making jokes, only very serious posts from now on, excuse me if I offended anybody (this means you, Raff!)
okay.  Good point.  But, he could just have taken the little guy along!  I just read a really inspiring narrative written by a homeschooling truck driver about her experiences on the road with her little boy.   Anyway, I'm mostly kidding but I did think it was interesting.  The point about Dr. Seuss, Maragert Wise Brown, Maurice Sendak and Beatrix Potter was a good one...I'm sure we could add to this list.  Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear?  Gyo Fujikawa for...
Hi!   I have a sweet daughter who just turned two.  My partner and I are pretty sure she will be our one and only.  I feel like a bit of an outsider, with lots of friends who have a new (second) baby or are currently pregnant.  Or just expect to have more than one someday.  Even our pediatrician gave us a weird comment about raising an only child--we asked for advice, and she said "Well, I really don't have much to say about that...in my whole practice, I haven't met...
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