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hey all--   Thanks for the supportive comments.  We did the swim class on Monday (with Memere) and she was much better...still scared at first, but slowly got into it.  She was yawning by the end but never totally fell to sleep!  I think it was only a response to both the startling situation she found herself in and the cold water.  Thermal suit next time.   thanks so much D
Thank you for the advice--and hello again, Kuba's Mama!  I think that is a good point about not getting her to the point where she shuts down out of fear.  Not to derail my own thread here, but does anybody have tips for me on that?  The swim class is pretty basic--get in the water and move around.  If we're not doing that, she won't be learning.  But she won't be learning if she's wicked scared, either.   thanks bye!
very interesting!  Thank you for the comment... I will keep my eye on her and see how things go with swimming class on Monday thanks again --D
Hi ladies (and men!)   My daughter is going to be 2 in September, so she is 21 months old or so.  She is a very curious, sweet child who has a stubborn streak that I assume must be part of being almost 2.  She can get very shy or angry, and these things seem to manifest themselves in pretty basic ways (hiding her face in my skirt; stamping around while shouting and waving her arms).  The things that make her shy or angry are also predictable--strangers, men with long...
Amazing, wonderful, how did you think of trying this?  I'm so happy for you.  And rethinking the constant diet of whole-wheat macaroni I feed my daughter :) Keep me posted-- D
My daughter will say she wants to poop any time she feels like having the fun of sitting on her potty and having all of her favorite books read to her...and having the ABCs sung repeatedly...and being called a "good girl" over and over.  She will in fact poop on the potty every time she really needs to (almost!), but she doesn't ask for it for peeing.  She just pees in her diaper.  I think the reason is that sitting there for the length of time it takes to poop, then...
Maybe she can also sense the baby coming and is getting stressed over it? I only have one child so I'm not sure how the older ones react...what is your previous experience with this?
I also wanted to say that in terms of the Thomas the Tank Engine obsession, my girl is OBSESSED with trucks, especially fire trucks.  It's kind of the same thing, and I bet it's just age-appropriate.  I complained to the visiting nurse about this, thinking it was a bad sign, and she said it was totally normal.  If I'm not reading her "The Truck Book" by Harry McNaught, she is asking for "Big Joe's Trailer Truck" by Joe Mathieu.  I would recommend these lovely books if...
My daughter is 21 months old, and ever since she was a little baby has been periodically regressing and then jumping ahead.  These things seem to go in cycles of several weeks or about a month.  Her language is ahead right now, but a month or two a go it was trailing a little.  Same with other things.  She went through a phase where she stopped waving "bye-bye", a phase (when she was really tiny) where she stopped smiling for weeks at a time, etc etc.  That's just how...
Hi!  These are some beautiful dollhouses:   http://poppysdollhouses.com/   They are made to order; based in New Hampshire.   
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