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every single day!  HA!  We are ttc #2 and I totally understand the "fears of the known"!  With my first we just jumped right in, but this time I keep flip flopping.  I want another baby very badly, but those fears keep popping in and I worry that I'm making the wrong decision, like maybe I should wait another month, 6 months, maybe a year...  The only thing that helped me make a decision is that my DH is very much on board with TTC and we've already had unprotected sex...
I started taking domperidone at 1 week postpartum and then stopped taking it abruptly ~3 months later with no change to my supply.  It took several weeks of taking the dom for my supply to increase to where it needed to be, but it held steady afterwards.  At around 4 months I tried taking it again to give my supply a boost so I could pump some extra to freeze, but didn't notice a huge change after a few weeks so I stopped taking it (again, with no decrease in supply).
I had a 3rd degree tear with my ds, and was given the go ahead for sex at my 6 week check up.  I didn't attempt sex until closer to 10 weeks pp though, because I was still having a lot of pain.  Honestly, I didn't start really enjoying sex again until about 8 months pp, because of residual pain/discomfort.  I definitely found kegels helped though.  I saw a physio therapist that specialized in pelvic floor muscles at around 8 weeks pp, and she had me on a schedule of...
My little guy is sleeping for 3-4 hours at the beginning of the night and then he usually wakes up every hour after that to nurse. I'm hoping it's just a phase and that it will end soon. He was sleeping fine until a few weeks ago. I am so, so tired! Definitely feeling your pain.
Drowsiness is side effect, but when I took it it helped with the nausea and vomiting so much that I felt like I had MORE energy. I was still a bit queasy when I took it but it allowed me to eat a wider variety of foods and really increased my quality of life.
That is ridiculously cute.
Breast massage is a really great idea! You can even massage them while you pump and it should help.12 minutes is probably fine, teamgr. Pumping longer can help supply if it seems you are not emptying your breasts well, but one really important thing I have learned is that frequency is much better for your supply than duration. If you can't pump more at work, adding in an extra session at night will help.
Wow! My guy is totally average, 50th percentile in height, weight and head circumference. He is really close to sitting unassisted too though! Oddly, he still hasn't figured out how to roll over.
The drowsy but awake thing is totally not working for us. I have been working really hard on developing a nap time routine this week though, and this morning he went to sleep without much fuss. Also, right now he is sleeping in his crib! It's only been about 25 minutes so far, but hopefully he stays down a bit longer.
Thanks for the suggestions guys! I like the immersion blender idea. I've been wanting to get one anyways.
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