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Definitely go see an orthopedic doctor, who will probably send you to physical therapy.  I have a twin-mommy friend who had hip and back pain for months after birth.  Physical therapy was the only thing that helped.  With the pelvic floor being so weakened by the birth, her SI joints kept slipping out of place, causing the hip pain.  They were able to push and pull it back into place and then strengthen the surrounding muscles.  For the back pain they helped her rebuild...
Wow, Andrea, that is fascinating!  I didn't know babies had that instinct, although I very clearly saw that instinct in action when my dog was a puppy.  I will go read up on EC.
Will do!  Thank you!
Thank you!  She does cry when waking generally, but not as loudly as when in the carrier.  Of course, she can then fall back asleep in the carrier, which she doesn't usually do if she's fallen asleep elsewhere.   I think you're right about the snugness. I have a moby but had not yet tried it because it looks so complicated.  After reading your suggestions, I tried using that, and she was snugger and seemed very happy.  So I'll give that a go for now.  Thanks again!
Thanks!  I don't have pictures, but it is a mei tai from Ellaroo.  I'm using the front carry with her facing in toward me.  I froggy her legs and check that her feet aren't being twisted.  Sorry for the brevity, I'm nursing while typing.
I have a nine-week-old that loves to be held constantly and seems to enjoy being worn.  But when she wakes up in the carrier, she breaks my ear drums with her screams.  Frequently if I just jiggle her around, she falls right back asleep.  But I still worry that she's in pain.  She never screams like that when she wakes up from sleeping if she's not in the carrier.  Is this normal?  Does anyone have an explanation for why a baby would do this?
I switched over to natural shampoos and conditioners a few years ago and found that the transition was tough.  You have to find the brand that works for your particular hair--many are too drying or too moisturizing (leaving your hair sticky and causing break-outs).  Aubrey works for me.   I had a few weeks of gross hair when I was making the switch before my hair calmed down.  It seemed like my scalp took a while to adjust to the new cleaning agents.  Now when I have...
Try Dr. Tracy Freeman at National Integrated Health Associates in DC (nihadc.com).  She's not an OB, but she specializes in mothers and children.  She's a wonderful, caring person who will not rush you out the door. She and the practice she works with try first to treat anxiety and depression through non-pharmaceutical and holistic means.  I think you will find it well worth the drive, and I know she will not let you slip through the cracks the way that your other...
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