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I am so terribly sorry for your family's loss. What an unspeakable tragedy.   As for this woman demanding her gift back...absolutely disgusting. No way is she entitled to get her gift back. She is, however, entitled to a punch in the face.
It sounds normal, but with that said, now would be the time to rally the troops! Do you have family or close friends nearby that can help you with the housework? As far as the money situation and paying for everything, maybe you and your SO need to sit down and itemize your expenses, figure out a budget, start stashing away extra cash into savings for when the baby comes, and start living according to the new budget now, so you're accustomed to it by the time the baby...
AWESOME. Yeah, I think this pretty much sums it up! *wipes away tears*
This might sound dorky, but I knew from the moment I POAS with my first that he was a boy. This time around? NO IDEA. Thankfully the u/s is tomorrow (today, technically! I need to hit the hay!), so I won't have to sit around and wonder anymore! DH used to insist this baby was a girl, but now other people have him thinking its a boy. I don't care...I just want the u/s to show me a healthy baby...and just one. I don't know if I could handle a toddler and multiples! ;)
I took a Bradley class with my first pregnancy, and my instructor was fantastic about spending a great deal of time on natural pain management. It worked so well for me, I fell asleep several times while in active labor and nearing transition. We aren't taking a class this time around, but only because I'm just reviewing my Bradley workbook and practicing my relaxation techniques on my own. If this is your first baby, I do recommend taking a class...not the hospital...
Coffee/lattes. I have a toddler to chase. I have to be not only awake, but ALERT. He could climb and leap from the tallest piece of furniture in the blink of an eye. I have to be two steps ahead. Caffeine is my friend. :)
I had a BAD experience with prefolds and covers. Waste of time, waste of money, in my personal experiences. Other people sing their praises. We never found them to be absorbent enough. My son was a heavy wetter, and still is. We were changing his outfit at every diaper change. Because we started off with prefolds and WAHM covers and had such a bad experience, we got a bad taste in our mouths about cloth diapers and abandoned cloth completely in favor of Seventh...
I'm late, so if you can't add me, I completely understand!   EDD: December 29 Age at conception/delivery: 27/28 What "number" child this is for you: 2 how long it took you to conceive: we weren't trying, but we weren't being careful either birth plans: another home waterbirth with midwife   Yay, mammamo and RuthieGirl! Due date buddies! ;) Congrats and best wishes to all!
Hi! I've been lurking quite a bit too...thanks for the motivation to just go ahead and introduce myself too! First off, let me wish you the best of luck with your homebirth Kimberly. I hope it is a beautiful, moving experience for you. :) Avery, congrats on your first! How exciting!   My name is Erin, and I'm expecting my second baby December 29. We had a homebirth with our first in January of 2010, and we're planning another homebirth, although we're out shopping...
20 weeks 4 days with baby #2...I have to tell people I am pregnant for them to notice my teeny tiny little bump. I really just look bloated if wearing a tighter shirt, and a looser shirt? Camouflaged! It helps that I am 5'9" though. Still, I wish I had a cute bump to fill out my comfy maternity clothes!
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