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PM'd you. :)
Ladies, contact me offlist at riley(dot)erin(dot)m@gmail(dot)com!
...besides Toledo? Don't get me wrong, I love my Toledo-area friends, but driving all that way all the time can be a bit impractical, and a budget buster with these gas prices! I'm hoping that there are other families like ours in the "Four County" area (Henry, Williams, Defiance, Fulton). If you live in this area, then I'm sure I don't need to explain how isolating it can be to adhere to a more natural, AP lifestyle. We're in-between Napoleon and Defiance. I'm hoping to...
Not in Fremont, but not horribly far either (Napoleon, you've maybe heard of it.) We had a homebirth with a midwife from MI about a year ago.. I know of two homebirth midwives in Toledo, and a midwifery practice in Mansfield. PM me if you'd like more information.
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