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I don't mind the taste, and neither does ds.
My dd was exposed to CP more than once, and never has had symptoms. She was still nursing at the time. The next time she needs to have bloodwork done, we will check for immunity.
I live in Frederick County, and was able to get a postponement for lack of childcare. I guess it depends on the clerk.
I also have a 3yo dd who doesn't want to give up her mims. I planned a week long trip without her recently, and we talked about how there would probably be no more milk when momma got back. (She was with DH while I was gone). We had not cut back dramatically before the trip, but she understood that time was probably running out. The morning I left, she nursed, stroked my hair, and face. She really enjoyed what she thought would be the last time. She was old enough to...
We are looking to buy a twin for my 3yo, they are just sooo expensive. I have convinced my DH to get one. I am looking for the most economical route. We live in MD, and could travel to pick one up, if I could find one.
We had a drain sink in the basement. We bought a washer hose and attached a regular garden sprayer to that. It was about $5, and had all the pressure one could ask for. It didn't leak, but would have in the sink if it did. My dipes looked great. We don't have a sink like that in our new house, so we have the sprayer attached to the potty. It sometimes drips, but we haven't had any problems in the last 2 yrs.
http://www.silbermanrhine.com/Bio/KathleenMullin.asp We could send her an email to let her know what is wrong with our polite society's wishes that we cover our children's heads with dirty airline blankets.
I was just about to post the link as well. Thanks mamas for your hard work and support. I'm sorry I was unable to attend.
That happens to me when I am preggo.
The cobbler recipe link isn't working still. Does anyone have it from last year?
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