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Starting third 6-week plan on Monday. Woohoo!
If you have a friend whose workbook you can peek at, it might be helpful. I believe the prescribed homework (affirmations daily, specific tracks on specific days, etc.) is an important aspect. Also the book (from the course I took) had lots of stuff about L&D like cord claming, vernix, routine shots, etc.
The book Predictably Irrational by psych prof Dan Ariely had a section on the perception of pain. It was from those citations that I started to realize how much sensation is in our perception (rather than nerves), and thus is malleable. I followed citations from that chapter to dig through the real research. (Not sure if I had to track them down or there were end notes...) I feel like I get into dangerous waters whenever I say that a lot of pain is perception, and thus...
Bump. Doing some processing. Just had my anatomy scan with my second baby, was feeling all happy and blissy from watching my little girl flip and wiggle. Then the doc came in and tried to warn me off HBAC, wanted to repeat himself over and over rather than respond to the actual words I was saying about the "immediately available" recommendation he was touting. :(
Sarah I've had them since 14-15 weeks, and they're pretty much all day, at least once an hour. I barely register them anymore. Same thing last pregnancy. No worries!
No question that fake it til you make it can work. I was very skeptical before I took the class. Being a researcher by profession I looked in to the possibility of mind-based anesthesia and relaxation techniques involving pain control. There's research backing this stuff up. "Hypnosis" is an unfortunate name because of the stage-performer it brings to many's mind. Relaxation isn't all it is though. It's conditioned transformation of the subjective experience of physical...
I did hypnobabies last time through an in-person course (pain-free happy labor, woo!). I'll do the home study this time. 
BH have never bothered me but man I get a lot of them. All day long, at least once or twice an hour. 
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I have been lifting barbells and just completed my home setup. I'm so excited that now the gym is at home. I miss running but since I've been on a six month break or more I am just sticking to walking for now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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