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Congratulations!!! Sticky sticky bean vibes for you. I assume a May due date? Come join us over in the May 2014 DDC!
TCB - If i understand correctly, the low-calorie diet must be low enough to trigger your body to interpret the environment as a time of scarcity. This means you'd have to feed yourself less than your body needs (a caloric deficit, aka a negative energy imbalance). While I doubt there has been experimentation on the gender theory, there has been a good deal of research on infertility and calorie deficits. A negative energy imbalance disrupts normal LH pulsatility, which...
 It's a little higher than that, but not by much: "Permitting labor to begin naturally after one prior low transverse (“bikini cut”) cesarean carries a 0.4% risk of rupture which can increase upon labor augmentation or induction (6). These rates are similar to other serious obstetrical emergencies such as placental abruption, cord prolapse, and shoulder dystocia." http://vbacfacts.com/quick-facts/
Whoops, sorry, I'm in the US
I love the idea. :)   piratemere - you mentioned your exchange-y from new york believed in you. <3
 I wonder how many VBACs you have to have for birth to just be normal again, risk-wise.Or is it once-a-CS, always-a-VBAC?
    I remember.  
I loved my wraps so very much. I started wrapping my first on my back at 3 months...you can't do that wit anything else but a woven. I love the ergo now though, for my 28lb toddler. It's great for grocery trips and when it's raining and I don't want to wrap in the wet. I also love love love the ring sling for a newborn/infant. There's nothing like nursing through a grocery store trip and having NO ONE be the wiser. 
Fingers crossed for you, wengrin. :)    Hi Sukhada! Congrats on catching the first egg!!! Has your DD always nursed in the morning? My DS is just starting to lengthen and lengthen his morning nursing, and it's pretty new. I have no idea what's up with supply. I thought it wouldn't be likely to dip until later (I'm only 6 weeks). You?
I'm *willing* this baby to be a girl. I think of her as a "her" rather than "baby" or "it." This is purely a reflection of desires. This *could* be our last baby, and if so I'd like to have one of each. 
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