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Sorry for the fever, discomfort and fear. :( I hope you find that it's just a bump in the happy road ahead.    DS has start to nurse for longer periods, around 20 min, in the morning lately. I love it, except that we are starting our day much later than normal!
Thanks for the info. 
This is my second, but my worry really dropped away after I heard the first heartbeat. I still read a ton and tried to inform myself of everything I would need to know (e.g. scouring kellymom), but I didn't worry. Much later I started hypnobabies classes and there's an affirmations track you're supposed to listen to daily. It really made for a blissful third trimester, even though the track itself was cheesy-seeming. I still get twinges of worry, but its far from...
Good luck to luckiest and missmagoo! I hope your graduation date from this thread is less than a month away! I started a graduates thread over in the I'm Pregnant forum. I figure it would be nice to keep up with each other, like other threads in TTC do. Here's the thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1389287/pregnant-nursing-graduates-thread
I caught the third postpartum egg after encouraging PPAF with night-weaning, extra food and Vitex. I didn't notice any deleterious effects from my Vitex use. So far I'm five weeks pregnant, and I've had pretty painful nipples at latch-on a couple times, but it goes away quickly. My DS is 17 months and nursing 2x dying the week and about 4x during the weekend. I was excited about encouraging him to nurse more after my BFP, but he's way too busy to comfort nurse and he is...
I figured I would start a thread for those of us who are nursing and pregnant. It's meant to be a graduates thread from the TTC & Nursing thread, but anyone pregnant and nursing, or people with questions about it, are welcome!
PL - I'm sorry you had such a negative experience, especially caused by the person supposedly keeping your needs paramount. :-/
Funny how many surprising non-surprises we have. :)
I did an in-class hypnobabies course with my son. It was absolutely amazing. No-pain, labored through transition while still thinking "Hmm, is this active labor?" Dilated to complete and pushing with comfort. Then, I had an emergency transfer in an ambulance while trying to resist the urge to push. Hypnobabies helped me keep calm, collected, and able to answer all the questions coming at me in the hospital.    Hypnobabies was so incredible. 
New Posts  All Forums: