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Woohoo! Thanks for puttin gup this thread. I was dying and jumped into the April DDC with two feet. My EDD is May 1 by ovulation, April 24 by LMP. See you over in the DDC!
:bananas: !!!!!!!!!   We'll be in the same DDC again!!!!  Heheheee, I'm so excited for you. There's nothing ambiguous about that test. 
I'm so sorry for your loss, Intoit. :( :hugs: I hope you find yourself back here very soon!
Welcome everyone!   LeavesofLaurel, I'd LOVE to follow a thread devoted to your farm plans. It's a dream of DH's and mine to retire early and work a farm...probably mostly for our own sustenance.
Intoit - there's something great in the story.
I think that someone receives all the beads, sorts them so that each mama gets one, and mails them all out? Can you post the link to the facebook group? I'd love to join since the interface is so much easier than MDC on a phone (even with tapatalk).
I guess everyone on facebook isn't here to notice this thread? The link in the roll call thread doesn't seem to work.    https://m.facebook.com/groups/1407207919494069
Don't let them find out! Keep going, mama. I plan on working hard every day til the day this one's born, like last time. You should too!
Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking forward to seeing what my midwives say about it, and my insurance.
wengrin - The same crossed my ming when DH was away during one cycle of my first TTC round.   Family most certainly takes priority over career. I just hope I can have both. :)
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