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My prayers go out to you and I truly hope you get a very healing birth whatever that may be for you. I do hope you will be able to be at peace with your sons birth so you can focus on this pregnancy and fill this baby with positivity and love since whether we like it or not our emotions affect our growing babies. Hugs to you mama!
Hi again!! Do you see another baby in our future?   Thanks so much Jamie!     April :)
Hi Jamie! We are in the process of fixing up our house to sell as we need a bigger house and better schools.  Is there any information you see surrounding this?   Thanks so much!   April
I remember this all too well!  I have twins who were almost 3 when ds was born.  One of my twins from the start was very sad and somehow knew it wasn't all about her (although she already knew everything wasn't all about her since she has a twin) The other was so excited and loved him.  The roles actually reversed...and I know why.  My daughter who had been feeling really sad and disconnected had found her place within the family as helper. I tried to include her more in...
If you believe it will work...it will. There is no need to have more eggs in a few different baskets.  It goes in depth on every detail of pregnancy, birth, bonding with your baby, nutrition, baby care.  If you have ever read the book, "The Secret" It talks about the laws of attraction.  If you believe it will work and do the preparation it will work for you.  The mind is so powerful therefore, if you believe it you will achieve it!  It worked amazingly for me because I...
Hi Jamie! ( I have written a question but it did not appear on the forum, so I apologize for the repeat question if it in fact did go through) I have a question about my career path/life purpose.  I am training to become a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor and kind of leaning into something down the way of healing whether it be pranic or reiki.  What do you see as my life purpose/career?   Thanks So Much!   April W.
Do you have Cranio Sacral therapy in Germany?  If so, I'd seek out both for you and your lo.  It is ideal for those who have had a traumatic birth experience physically and emotionally.  Cranio Sacral therapy could help your lo's head/skull/brain and full body. It's gentle energy healing.  It works AMAZINGLY!!!! Also you and you baby are connected emotionally,physically, spiritually through out the first year of life.  It would be a good idea for you too to have a few...
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