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I was (still am!) 25 with my first.  I feel very complete with her here.  That may change, but I think one is right for me.  I used to think I would want several children, I just don't see that working for me anymore.  I feel like she came at the perfect time, just finished graduate school, we both have decent jobs, but they allow a lot of flexibility so we can be home with her and not to daycare.  If I was in a more advanced position in my field, I couldn't do that. ...
You know, most jobs have "bad weather" days built into the whole employment deal.  There are also "waiting for a delivery" days, "wife really needs to do laundry days", and "hmmm, traffic looks heavy days."    That would bug the crap out of me.  Better leave a few minutes early just to head them off!    Period: I keep thinking it has started, and then it hasn't.  I really wish it would just stop torturing me and show up.    I'm so proud of us.  Laundry hasn't been...
Any recommendations on a protein shake that doesn't taste...meh, like socks?  I have only tried one of the whey ones they have at GNC. 
What is the 30 day shred exactly?  It sounds...doble?
I really think nursing is killing any motivation I have to eat well.  After I nurse or pump (just a piddley little bit!), I am starving and pretty much end up eating a meal or a meals-worth-of-calories-on-crap.  I'm so ravenously hungry.  It isn't adding weight, in but it isn't healthy either way.  I try buying healthy snacks, but a container of almonds is still pretty darned bad for you when eaten in one sitting!  I don't want to be making bad, hard to break habits, but...
We were thrilled with our fisher-price backpack...until it got lost on errands last week. It was just big enough for enough to be out all day, but not so big that it was too cumbersome for smaller outings. I want to try to find another like it. Plus, dh liked it. I'm not a purse person so it felt like what I was used to carrying anyway. In the mean time, I'm using the hospital freebie. I hate it, not enough pockets.
Oh, DH has the metabolism of a hummingbird.  He eats like a pig and never gains an ounce.  It is so not fair!
I'm out of transition jeans, but my prepreg jeans still feel weird, despite buttoning up 3 days pp.  I really haven't been trying, with food or exercising, but I am slowly starting to do some yoga and pilates.  I want to loose my grad school weight. I want to be able to fit into my prepregnancy/prefinal semester summer  clothes by summer, but I'm not sure if that will happen.  Right now I'm between a four and an eight (haven't tried on any sixes yet, so not sure on what...
I'm with you, Beth.  I get tired of the "everyone can breastfeed exclusively if they just commit themselves".  I can do some, but I am not letting pride keep my baby hungry.  Would I love to EBF?  ABSOLUTELY!  I feel like I have to explain too, I'm trying to be more unapologetic about it, but it is rough.
Steph, I hope things go Ok with your dh gone and the crazy wench...err...your mother-in-law minds her freaking business. Sunday will be the anniversary of my positive pregnancy test. Saturday will be the anniversary of the test I peed on, thought it didn't work because no lines showed, and came home to notice two lines in the trash. I went out and got a digital; I was sure I was psyching myself out. Ahhh.
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