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I'm lucky to be surrounded by pro-breastfeeding folks...but on the bus, a lady was going on about her daughter planning on breastfeeding and her fears that her grandchild would be MORE INCLINED TO BE A CANNIBAL!    I found very important papers to look through.  Not touching that crazy with a ten foot poll.
  Ditto.   Wii bowling=my workout.
Aww, Maeve is adorable!  Amy, Palesa looks so much like you! LaBrujia: I love her hat!  That is so sweet.  Did you make it? I love all the babies with hair!  So sweet!   I made a hat out of my favorite sweater than DH had shrunk in the drier.  I also made her a pair of pants for when she is out of the harness with a big old matching pom on the butt.  Can't wait for her to wear it! My girl on her three month birthday.
It's early, I know.  But I need to plan to make it through the miserable cold!   This summer, we are planning a week trip to the outer banks with family in a rental house, a long weekend to DC, and maybe a music festival or two.  We also might do a trapse to the woods for camping if our work schedules will allow it.   Babe is very fair, and DH is prone to horrible sunburn/sun poisoning.  Can any of you mamas recommend good summer clothes for a baby to be outside...
New pair of birkenstocks at a close out sale for $10.   Got DH a suit by some fancy italian designer (can't remember the name) for $15 bucks at Goodwill.  Googled it, a new one would have cost around $800. 
Pi: My dad did the same thing when I was little.  I think I was in first grade, my brother and I told him we didn't have school, he dropped us off in front, drove off to make deliveries!  There was a very unhappy librarian (at him), but we got to help reshelve books and have hot chocolate while we waited for them to track him down.  The difference a cell phone would have made!  Aurora does that twist and slide when nursing too.  Hurts like a---I believe this is where she...
Rosemary: That looks fantastic!  I love your living room.  Your house really does look so tidy and comfortable.   It has been soooo slow at work tonight.  I've only seen a few folks, for a couple minutes.  I hate being here and not really working.  I could do paperwork, but I need the work-at-home hours right now before my new projects hit.  blargggg
Steph: I'm so glad your dad is doing better.  It sounds like you MIL is a nutter.  Mine decided to book a flight for...get this...MOTHER'S DAY...without asking.  And is staying for a week.  Heaven forbid I want my daughter to myself on my first mother's day.  It's not like I was planning on maybe taking her to the zoo for the first time or anything.  I'm glad you were able to make your boundaries clear.  I know it must be a challenge sticking to them with her being so...
    Steph, I love the costume (and the smiles).  Your older son looks like he is such a great big brother! Tank: Cute! Trinket: I love the big guy/little guy set! Rosemary: Iona is gorgeous! ChippyMonkey   Three month laundry basket pic.  Aurora is taller than ALF!!!!
Stupid cat peed all over Aura's playgym.  Still trying to get the smell out.  I was mad.  She loved that thing! Haven't posted pics in a while...here's my lady.  Baby on Christmas   Manicure with daddy.    Aurora in her ET onesie. (I have a mild Spielberg obsession.  I fully intend to pass it on.  My girly has more stuffed aliens then animals...)    She tackled me!   Love all the smiles!  They all look so freaking big!  
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