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middlemama - I hope things have gotten better for you and that you are feeling confident no matter what has happened.   I have to say that I could of had an ultrasound and opted out of it by choice. I am not convinced of the safety but besides that my midwife shared that there is not much that they could find in an ultrasound that would affect the ability or her confidence to recommend a homebirth. In fact like a previous poster shared, many conditions are not caught...
It seems as though this thread has been rejuvenated! My son is now three, shortly after this thread I ended up selling the majority of my stash. I began using the elemental BGs, prefolds and wool covers for day. I only used bumboos with a grovia cover for nighttime. The cover wasn't ideal because of the material, but my son is a heavy wetter. Now my son is potty trained and we are getting ready for baby #2 I am slowly growing my stash, some of the diapers just won't be...
bureaumm - Thank you so much for your update, my little guy just turned three. And we have a baby arriving in April. I have been struggling in deciding whether or not to get Hib and tetanus. I love that you updated so many years later with your choice :)
Lollicups are you the same user as Lollicup?   I just find your info confusing. You stated in one of your threads that you thought the Hib shot was responsible for your DD's viral meningitis. I could be mistaken. I apologize if you are a different user.   If you are the same as Lollicup, I am wondering what you chose to vaccinate DD2 with and at what ages? I thought your threads were really helpful.   To ivyc1987 - I have no advice, I have struggled with this...
Thanks Nia82! Did you worry about increased susceptibility to pneumococcal? Or is that more a theory?
Hello ladies,   Still driving myself nuts trying to decide if I should do Hib or not. I have been pouring through all the old threads. I keep getting the overall impression that doing Hib without Prevnar would be silly, since we saw a rise in pneumococcal rates after the Hib vaccine was introduced.   Just wondering if anyone did one but not the other?? TIA
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17516405   In addition to the proportional increase in cases of non-type b Haemophilus influenzae disease in the post-H. influenzae type b vaccine era, the incidence of invasive H. influenzae disease was found to be approaching the rates of H. influenzae type b disease that were documented in the prevaccine period. Fifty-six percent of invasive disease now occurs in individuals aged >10 years.
Thanks japonica! I really appreciate your point of view. Maybe I am stuck because I feel like so many of these really important choices are on my shoulders. I will find the link about the 10-14 age group and come back and share it. Thanks again!!   What is your view on prevnar??
I would love some input
ssun5 - Thank you for your reply, I have been so busy. But so appreciate your reply and have started going through the info you posted. If you have anymore I would greatly appreciate it!!
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