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I'm so sorry about your m/c, and you are right that they happen often.  I've had 2 - each one right before a successful pregnancy.  After my first m/c (at 5 weeks), my dr said I had an extremely high chance of having a successful pregnancy the next time, and I did 3 months later.  When we were TTC #2, I had a m/c at 6 weeks.  I then had a successful pregnancy just 2 months later.  Miscarriages are so hard to go through, and I'm sorry you've had to experience it too. ...
Oh yes, I remember those days so very well!  It was very scary every time I went to the bathroom.  Also, just remember that if you ever see any spotting that can be very normal!  With my two healthy pregnancies, I still had some spotting.  I'm glad I was able to give you some hope - I am just so thrilled for you!!!   Good luck to the rest of you TTC!
Gratefulstella-  YAY!!!!!  So happy for you!!!  Big congrats, and I will be sending lots of positive thoughts to you for a healthy 9 months!
I don't post often, but I always check the discussions to see how everyone is doing and to see the adorable photos!!!  I love seeing all the beautiful babies!
Hospital Vaginal G4P2 40w4d 8 lbs 14 oz Male
baby boy Grady born 9/22 (due date was 9/19)  :)
I'm pretty sure everyone who has already posted here have had their babies!  Congrats!   I am now 40 weeks 3 days pregnant, but very sick with the worst sore throat ever..... such bad timing.  I can't talk, drink, or eat without excruciating pain.  I was having a hard time being patient with this little one (my DS#1 was born at exactly 39 weeks, so I just assumed I might be a little early this time too), but now I actually want this baby to stay in until next week so...
Huge congrats, AvasMama!!!!  What an amazing birth experience - and I'm so glad you got the home birth you wanted so much.  Enjoy your new bundle of joy!  Welcome to this wonderful crazy world, Brody!
I work an office job (just half-time) and will work up until I go into labor.  I want to save up as much maternity time as I can for after baby is here!  I am 38+3 right now.  With DS1, I stopped working 1 week before my due date because I had a feeling labor was coming very very soon (I was measuring big, and already dilated to 3), and my water broke the day after I stopped working!  That was perfect timing.
I started ovulating right away after stopping BCPs, but I ended up having a luteal phase defect (can happen because BCPs can cause a deficiency in B vitamins).  So the luteal phase defect caused a problem with TTC until I started taking a B6 supplement.   I suggest charting your cycle after you go off the BCPs so you can see when you are ovulating and how long your luteal phase is.... and you can avoid i/c during your fertile window until you are ready to TTC.
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