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I didn't realize that everyone had moved over to this group, I feel bad that I didn't join sooner! I sort of got preoccupied by the little Miss.  How is everyone?  Here are a couple of pictures of Lotte now...(almost 6 months)   Does anyone else's baby stand already? This seems insanely fast...yikes. I'm afraid she's going to skip crawling all together:(    
Good! I tried to join our ddc group that everyone moved to but haven't been approved yet..(I dont think?) I'll have to go check. How have you been? I want to see everyone's babes!!
Just thought that i'd follow up-these have turned out to be terrific diapers with no leaks, really absorbent, and they dry much more quickly than I thought they would, even on a clothes line!
A friend recently gave me a huge pile of cloth diapers, all fitted, requiring covers. Half of them are kushies, and the other half are Amway brand. These diapers are really weird...they sort of crunch when you feel them, because they have a layer of plastic in the diaper, between the fabric. The tag says that the plastic is a layer of pvc.. Has anyone used these before...and do they work? I'm pretty satisfied with my simple prefolds, flats and covers method..but...
Miss Lötte finally opens her eyes for us now! (well, she did before, but not for very long..unless of course it's the middle of the night;)  
She's beautiful, so perfect. My heart is broken for both of you, child loss is something that no one should have to endure. You, your wife and your family are in my prayers. I'll be lighitng a candle for Elliana tonight. What a sweet little soul.
She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on your sweet girl, I'm so glad that everything turned out OK!
oops...i sent it to the gmail address before you posted the yahoo one...were you still able to recieve it?
  Me too. please pmme your pp address!    
Charlotte, one day old:)
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