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I agree that you shouldn't buy preemie because you just never know! I went ahead and bought some newborn stuff thinking SURELY twins would fit into it. My eldest daughter was 8lb11oz but 21.5 inches long and didn't even fit in newborn when she was born!! So I figured I'd finally have some tiny babies with the twins. It's more the length than the weight that gets you in some of the brands and styles. Anyway, the girls were born mid 7lbs each and 20 inches long. They fit...
Hi, I live about 2 hours NW or where you'll be but when I moved to SC from MO I found everyone here to be very nice, friendly, helpful, and welcoming. There are also lots of more natural minded families than where I'm from and I enjoy hanging out with them. I plan on homeschooling when the time comes and that seems widely accepted. I'm sure there is a good community out there in Goose Creek as well. Plus you're right by the ocean... Sorry I'm not more help but maybe...
This is just my situation but I didn't gain any weight until around 20 weeks. I wasn't overweight to start with and I was nursing my toddler during pregnancy. My twins were in the 7 lbs when born. I did end up gaining around 60 lbs overall but it was all after the 20 week mark. Of course, this was just what happened with me but I think you're doing just fine. Oh, and congratulations!!
I'm glad your mind is at ease now! Sorry you're disappointed but I'm glad to hear you have a healthy little baby in there!
You mean actually feel the baby/ies in your uterus, feel kicks, or just the uterus itself? I felt movement at 12 weeks and the earliest I felt the actually babies' bodies through my uterus was about 17 weeks. It freaked me out so bad I started hyperventilating, haha! I hadn't expected to feel them so soon but I had gotten really skinny (dropped way more than what my pre-pregnancy weight was) after DD1 was born.
It is funny that you mention you keep referring to "babies" because with our twin pregnancy we kept saying "one healthy baby, no multiples" right up until the ultrasound. And it was of course twins even though the only risk factor I had was still nursing DD1. We never even considered it was twins with our first daughter and it obviously wasn't. I remember you from the pregnancy board with your daughter because I was due in November 2010 also but just went 2 weeks late,...
My g/g twins just turned 8 months today and A finally crawled forward for the first time!! Yay! Both have been scooting backward for about a month but now we're making forward progress, I know it's a bad joke ;-)
Mine was ahead by about 12 weeks or so. I only measured 3-5 cm more than a singleton throughout the whole pregnancy (fraternal girls) but even that early on I could measure it and it was bigger. Let us know what you find out!
I stand corrected  That's fascinating! I have taken some developmental biology classes and I've heard of Turner syndrome but never it happening with twins! That would be so crazy to find out later after it happened! I know there are several groupings of genetic mutations including XXX, XXY, XYY, and so on so it makes sense that it could happen this way. Thanks for the link!
They cannot be genetically identical because one would have an X chromosome and one would have the Y chromosome. That's what makes them female/male and therefore they just cannot be identical. I have heard the theory of "half" identical twins where the egg splits before it is fertilized but I don't know if this is real or not. Maybe that's what you're thinking of...
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