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Glad to hear there is a healthy baby in there! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, Traci!
I know this is an old thread but I also conceived twins while bfing my daughter who was 9 months at the time. I figured it was from that since there are no twins in my family and they are fraternal so I know it was 2 eggs not a random splitting of 1 egg. My cycle came back when she was 6 months and I started her on a few solids. Hoping it holds off longer this time!
I had really wanted twins with my first pregnancy but when she got bigger I was sooo thankful for only one in there! Then we got pregnant again and we kept saying the whole time "one healthy baby... no multiples" even on the way to the ultrasound. And of course it was twins. No other symptoms that would have made me even think twins and the whole pregnancy was about as easy as my singleton just a bit bigger toward the end.
I think you def have plenty of diapers and plenty of storage for them too! I need to buy a sprayer but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I have 40 pockets I use for 3 kids, a toddler and the 2 infants. They go through them all in about 2 days or so. We have a basket and a bucket that we store the dirty ones in but we was them so frequently that the smell doesn't build up. I wish DH would agree to use cloth wipes because that's what we go through constantly! I do use...
I don't know how to answer this because when I asked my dr and ultrasound techs a similar question they said whoever is born first is called Baby A no matter where they were beforehand. They said they can not call any baby born first Baby B because being first automatically makes them Baby A. I was so frustrated because I really felt like my girls switched who was closer to the cervix in the middle of pregnancy and I had difficulty bonding because I didn't know who was...
Congratulations! Also, how did they determine that Baby B was coming first? I swear my girls flipped who was on bottom during the middle of my pregnancy but the doctors said that was impossible. Enjoy your babymoon and I hope you get enough rest!!
Thanks for the replies. I will try the combo football/cradle again and see if one doesn't mind being laid on as much. Both just really like to kick so that's where I had trouble before trying different things. They also don't like their legs dangling which makes it hard unless they're really hungry to even nurse one at a time without the bulky twin pillow or boppy. Out in public is really rough since they won't just lay against me and stay on for more than a few minutes....
Right now they push as hard as they can against the couch/chair with their legs and since they already have a shallow latch I'm fighting to keep them on. Plus now they've kind of discovered each other and will stare/smile/laugh at each other instead of eating. Hopefully it's just a stage! Do you know any good examples on youtube or somewhere else with video perhaps? I've looked but didn't find much.
I have the brestfriend nursing pillow but the twins are too long to do the double football hold and have been for a while. I'm having to nurse them separately which takes up too much time in my day. Does anyone have any pictures/videos that show other methods of tandem feeding? I've seen a few but I can't figure out from the drawings how in the world you can keep the babies latched on or keep them from kicking each other. Both have fairly shallow latches and I have...
Di-Di twins.   Early ultrasound at 9 weeks when we discovered twins 15 weeks to determine sac and placenta placement 20 weeks for suspected bleeding 22 weeks for anatomy scan 34 weeks 36 weeks 2x at 40 weeks for BFP   so total I had 8 ultrasounds and I went to 41 weeks 1 day. I was more concerned when they would bang on my uterus to get the girls to move positions than I was about the risk of what the ultrasound would do to them. Good luck to you!
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