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Had it done 3 days in a row at 39.2-39.4 weeks and it did nothing. It hurt really badly for me but no labor or even contractions. All it did was dilate me a whole cm. Now I'm 40.4 weeks and these kids just don't seem to want to come out still. Good luck to you if you go with it! Maybe it will work :-)
Just joining this at 40.1 day today. I have until next Monday (41.1) before it's time to get these babies out. DD was 41.3 or 42 exactly depending if you look at LMP or dating ultrasound but I don't get to wait that long this time. Never thought I'd be here this time though, haha!
Thank you for your response. I saw another doctor who thinks that what I have might not actually be my muscles separating as much as I'm getting a build up of fluids/edema there. They said they can't be certain but when he had me do different maneuvers he couldn't see the muscles actually separating from one another or any gaps. Either way I'm binding my stomach afterward to hold everything in so we'll see if that helps the pain. They'll be able to tell after the...
Congratulations to all! I'm really starting to get antzy for my girls to get here!!!!!
I had some nausea but only vomited once at 12 weeks because I was so hungry and ate pancakes too fast. Other than that it was no different than my singleton. And it's 2 girls so don't know why boys would make it less. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
I'm almost 39 weeks with my twins and have just reached 55 lbs. It doesn't seem to matter what, how much, or how little I eat I've gained 2-3 lbs a weeks since weeks 20 weeks (I didn't gain anything before that). It's very frustrating looking at my scale but I'm hoping this means I have big babies in there. With my singleton I only gained 25-30 lbs and lost all of it by 1 month pp. Nursing brought me even lower than pre-pregnancy weight by 2 months pp and we'll see if it...
We traveled half-way across the country when DD was 2.5 weeks old, a very long 2 day trip. I wouldn't recommend that since it sucked big time, next time I'll tell the family a very firm no way. Beforehand we had gone to several stores at around 9-12 days old to get used to getting her in and out of the car since she was a homebirth. So if I were you, I wouldn't worry about it but if you don't feel up to it then don't go.
Mami-Feliz: It's because it's twins even though they are di-di and have been perfect on every ultrasound so far. They say they want them out before tragedy can occur...??? They said that usually they'll push induction even as early as 35 weeks sometimes!!! I'm already pissing them off since they wanted me in at 38 weeks 0 days for induction and I'm 38 weeks 1 day.   cristeen-I have put off ultrasounds because they just stress me out and the babies have been perfect...
Almost 2 weeks left but I'm crossing all fingers that these kids get here sooner. I really don't want to be induced and they're already pressuring me since I'm 38 weeks. Ugh. I just need these kids to kick it into high gear and come out before next appt on Thursday so I won't have to argue with the doctors again!!
I had my 37 week dr. appt and they told me that my abs have started to separate on the lower left side and that I was getting a hernia !!!! I thought it was just very tender stretch marks because I couldn't see. Anyway, I was having some burning pain spreading over the whole of my stomach that had nothing to do with contractions so now I'm getting scared to go into labor.   Has anyone had this and did you labor just fine? I'm terrified to push now incase I...
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