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Tomorrow is my safe day to give birth and I'm more than ready! I hope it works for me but I won't hold my breath. I'll probably go all the way knowing my luck!
Hope this is it! Good luck!
I wanted to make a longer comment but I keep running out of time. I'm currently nursing my 16 month old a few times a day but I did night wean her about 4 months ago. That is how I've kept my sanity with it. Thankfully she was ok with it and seems content to just have her few times a day. My husband could care less what do in the nursing department but my family has mentioned a few times that they think she should wean when the twins arrive. We'll see what happens... but...
I was 9#11 oz and 20.5 inches... DH was preemie at 2#15 oz and no idea on his height...   DD was 8#11 oz and 21.5 inches... Current with twins: I have another ultrasound so I'll edit this then but I'm guessing if I go full-term they'll both be around 19-20 inches and 6.5-7 lbs each. They feel awful long but not too fat yet.
My first baby was 42 weeks if you follow ultrasound but 41 weeks 3 days if going by LMP. Since I'm having twins I'm hoping for a little earlier this time... maybe around 38 weeks which would be the middle of the month at May 13th. We'll see, I might go all the way!
I also would love to hear what others who have been there done that have to say. That being said, we are planning a homebirth with our girls. Reasons being we have a family doctor who is willing to be there as well as 3 other midwives. Also the girls are di-di, with completely separate placentas. Both are currently head down but only Baby A has to be for the doctor to attend. We also have to get to 37 weeks and I have to have an IV during labor because I'm GBS+. Other...
Sorry I haven't been on here lately. I've been trying to organize my entire house plus do tons of yard work. I never really had nesting with DD but it seems to be on overload this time. Given me plenty of contractions but I'm trying to slow down with this terrible heat. Thanks for everyone's responses. I'm past 32 weeks and time is flying. Just trying to make it to 37 weeks, which is my goal!   pammysue-My sister looks like she's going to be having her baby early...
Great job and congratulations! I hope that my homebirth will come true as well. You're an inspiration to me!
Wonderful updates!! So glad she's able to try nursing!!
Congratulations! That was such a sweet picture of you holding her! I'm glad everything turned out for the best!!
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