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I'm subscribing to this thread bc I'm on the same page as OP
Thank you for updating. I had read your thread when you first posted it years ago, and have thought about you and your family many times since. You are so unbelievably strong. I'm glad you are all on the mend, I hope he is brought to justice.
I'm in CA, and I don't vaccinate my two kids. I also don't tell people in my community-
Lego put out something new called Lego Architecture Studio- could be fun to add to your collection.
I take a small potty with me everywhere we go- leave it in the car or put it in the bag if we're at the park. If the car is close enough, we can usually manage to even get a nurse in for the little one. I have two that we EC'd and while it wasn't easy many times, I found public restrooms just too much with two in tow.
We are working on replacing disposable items like paper napkins and paper towels. We already did two rounds of cloth diapers and wipes...as well as EC.
I picked up 100% Pure liquid foundation at my local health food store and liked it a lot. No SPF although they do also have a tinted moisturizer in their line of products. It says it's fruit pigmented.
www.hyenacart.com - check out Spot's corner for the used stuff and diaperswappers.com. i've bought/sold a ton on both-
I second camilia- it's absolutely amazing! and amazon carries it if your local store doesn't.
that is really cool! amazing job- can't wait to see more pics.
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