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My favorite thing about baby wearing is making baby feel held, nurtured, and loved, while also being able to get things done, have fun, and use my hands!
I "like" you both, Mothering and Gaia Herbs! Truly!
What a great giveaway! Thank you.
Hey ladies! There ARE midwives and a healthy homebirth community in and around Cincinnati! Check out the Cincinnati Homebirth Network at Yahoogroups.com and the Cincinnati Homebirth Circle on Facebook and come to the monthly meetings from 1:30/2:00-4:00 on the last Sunday of the month (next meeting is September 25), where you will get lots of good information and referrals. Also check out the women of Water and Spirit Midwifery, which has a Facebook business page. They...
I love the To-Go Ware stainless steel lunch kit, snack stack, and 2 and 3-tier carriers. I make waste-free lunches but want to move away from plastic to other alternatives. Great site!
I love making my kids waste-free lunches, and I want to check out the To-Go Ware lunch kit, snack stack, and 2- and 3-tier food carriers from reuseit.com. I am hoping to move away from plastics to other alternatives, such as stainless steel.
I bought my kids What's Happening to Me by Peter Mayle and The What's Happening to My Body Books for Boys and Girls by Lynn Madaras for my son and daughter (ages 11 and 13). The former is less mature and detailed than the latter two, which are quite explicit and thorough. It was important to me that they depict intact, as well as circumcised male anatomy, so my son would feel normal, reading them. I haven't read them cover to cover but like what I have read. And the kids...
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