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Hi ,    I am a Aussie returning home next August from 15 years in the States. I lived around Strathfield as a kid but would love to live in an Urban area with like minded people. I have 2 boys , so great public schools are a must. We live in urban Washington DC now, so rental prices won't shock us.    Any suggerstions would be so greatly appreciated !
Thanks so much, I will do that.
Hi,         I am a long time MDC mom,and a DONA trained doula working towards my certification.   My family has recently moved to Alexandria and we're loving it.       I absoulutely love the natural birth process and attending my first brirth ( other than my own : ) ) was the most amazing experience of my life. I would be honored to be a part of yours. Along with my training , I can offer the knowledge I have gained through study and training, and the confidence I...
So celiac DS needs to go off all dairy and I am trying out the various milk alternitives, He is almost 3 and does not tolerate soy, wanted to get some ideas about what you all like. I know rice milk can work, but I'd like some more choices. Also is there any sustitute for cheese thats not soy ? Thanks,
You definitely all need to go gluten free, it makes huge changes in my sons behavior, as well and digestive health, I LOVE a suppliment called yeast cleanse, I am really yeasty and don't have the energy at this point in my life to do a proper cleanse and stay off sugar, so whenever I feel it coming on I take alot of this stuff and it works a charm. My gluten , lactose, soy intolerent son did well on lactose free formula ( from target) Good luck, but start with the...
I just logged on to get this excact info. THANKS everyone. Australia RULES : You would not believe the issues I have with no vax in the US, ( being military doesn't help) even though my son had seizures from his first vax.
My DS1 was happily leanred by the age of 2 so we started gently with DS2 at 2 also, well he is fast approaching 3 and although I thought we were making slow progress he has completely reverted to just peeing and pooping everywhere. It seems now he wants to make a mess, I just asked him if he wanted to go potty , NO ! 1 minute latter he peed on the floor , seriously , i think we might have to go right back to diapers and wait. I feel your pain, and would love to get some...
I have a bag of mostly medium and large diapers i need to get rid of. It is mixed bunch, maybe good for someone who would like to get an idea of different types of CD , or someone who just really needs whatever they can lay hands on. PM me if interested. I am in Honolulu
I think this is such a fun thing to do with the kids, I am excited to get the candles out !
I printed the form out online, I hope it is the right one, I am so glad to hear that you all didn't have issues once you filed it.
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