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Baby boy Wylie Erwin is now home! He was born September 12 at 3:43 am under a full moon. We had a natural birth at the hospital that couldn't have gone better. At 9lb 7 oz and 20 1/2 in. long, he is a very sturdy little boy.
I'm still here too. 41w3d today. I've been trying to stay active and have been crampy, but that's about it.  At least I was at 3 cm and 75% thinned on Wed., so things are slowly going in the right direction. Really hoping things get moving this weekend, maybe the full moon will help! Prob going to get acupuncture in the next few days. I get induced on Wed. (at 42w1d) if nothing happens before then and I'm really not looking forward to that....
Congrats!! I'm so glad you finally have your little boy in your arms! 
I am also now at 40+1 today. If this little guy waits till after Friday, I have to see a different doc for my appointment this week because my regular one is out of town.  One reason I like my OB so much is that she has been really agreeable with holding off on any talk about inducing, but I have a feeling this one will really start pushing it.  I guess I'm just not looking forward to arguing with anyone about why I don't see the need to induce by 41 weeks. I've gone...
I'm still here too.. EDD is tomorrow. First preg, so I keep trying to tell myself not to get to impatient yet. Can't say it's working all that well though.   Lynann- I've been doing the same thing lately, just want to nap. Looks like we have the same due date, I keep looking at Labor day too. Hopefully, all our babies decide not to wait much longer!
Liked on FB and expecting our first little one any day now. This would sure be helpful!
I sure feel the same way.  About 38 1/2 weeks today, so I know it could easily be a few weeks before this baby comes, but I just get more and more irritated by everything! I'm normally a fairly easy going person and I don't like feeling this way :(   I think I'm going to bite the next person that looks at me and says "What, no baby yet?" And today is our first wedding anniversary, so I really don't want to be cranky with DH.
Like on FB, follow on twitter.  I love the sleeping bag, perfect our for cold Minnesota winters!
I like Baby Bunz on Facebook and here's my link to twitter http://twitter.com/#!/amyjoyce79
For comfortable and supportive cotton bras with no wires, I really like http://www.decentexposures.com/ .  I was having trouble finding any bra that wouldn't drive me nuts after I got pregnant, so I was very happy to get a couple of these. The regular bras are supposed to be good for nursing (haven't had a chance to try it yet, but they do seem like it will work well) and they also make a nursing bra.
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